The Makers of Barcelona Launch The First FabCafe in Europe

Our friends over at MOB – the Makers of Barcelona – have been working on something extremely cool and never before seen outside of Japan and China.  Tonight marks the official launch of FabCafe in Barcelona, the first one ever in Europe and one of only three in the world.

What is a FabCafe, you ask? Founded in 2011 in Tokyo, Japan, FabCafe is a place where you can print your 3D prototypes while sipping on a coffee and fostering the global maker movement.  Half coffee shop, half FabLab, Fab Cafe Barcelona is a meeting point where people can come and make their models, have a café con leche and disseminate 3D printing technology and knowledge back out into the community.

And this is just the beginning. MOB is at the heart of the maker movement in Barcelona and a global beacon for fab labs and makers everywhere.  Additionally, Barcelona as a city is pouring support into the future of digital manufacturing starting this summer with FAB10 Barcelona.

If you want to print in tonight’s event, send your Illustrator files (.ai) to and they will cut/engrave them live during tonight’s event.

Fab Cafe launches in Barcelona at MOB

FabCafe launches in Barcelona at MOB

Here are the conditions:

  • Maximum size 60 x 100 cm
  • The vector/cutting line must has a thickness of 0,001 mm in 100% RED (RGB)
  • For engraving: 100% BLACK or grey scale
  • At a minimum resolution of 300dpi
  • Suggestions for materials are accepted, but it’s determined by our stock.

Show up and enjoy the show with MOB and a free beer from Estrella. To get involved and support the Fab Café mission, check out their crowdfunding page on Ulule.  Create on!

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