The Road To Impact: Using The Sun To Turn Wood Into Gas


It was at the Impact Hub Barcelona where I first met Manon Michelle Monhemius. She is on a mission to educate the unsuspecting European co-working crowds to the many benefits of smokeless cooking. From stuffing a giant zucchini in Paris, to innovating on the invariable Swiss fondue in Geneva, and surprising the Monday crowd with lunch at Impact Hub Barcelona, Manon and her … [Read more...]

Barcelona’s CONDUCTR Picks Up €100K Investment From ITNET & Conector Mentors

Conductr DJ iPad App Barcelona Startup - Barcinno

Barcelona-based startup Patchworks has raised €100.000 on its first investment round for their app Conductr. Carlos Blanco's Grupo ITNET and several mentors from the Barcelona accelerator Conector provided the funds that will be invested in product development and marketing the already popular iPad app for DJs and musicians. Conductr is an app that controls music production … [Read more...]

Is Learning To Code Really That Important?


This is a guest post by Borja Garcia de Vinuesa, Head of International Business Development at Ironhack.  At Ironhack, we hear about new ideas that come to life and revolutionize a market or industry almost every day. What is behind these new products? Is there any trait shared by all of them? There certainly is! Being on-line 24/7 gives us the advantage of expanding … [Read more...]

The potential of 3D printing

3D Printing Barcinno

Last week we talked about the emerging technology of Augmented Reality; the technology of this week is 3D printing.  Looking at potential, 3D printing is expected to be much more promising with a market up to $550M - $650M per year in ten years time (McKinsey / Gartner). The fields of application are enormous: fashion, manufacturing, toys, medical, architecture, food, retail, … [Read more...]

The Potential of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

The word "Smart" is all around. Whether we refer to Smart Cities, Smart Factories or Smart Health Systems, it is clear that smart technologies are knocking more and more on our door. The promise: connectivity, efficiency and more information. The big trends zooming around the "Smart" concept are Internet of Things (Iot) and Big Data. Just have a look at the events in the … [Read more...]

Unleash Your Inner Maker at Fab10 Barcelona 2014

Fab10 Barcelona Event - Barcinno

Fab Lab: a digital fabrication laboratory. Nice self-explanatory play on words right? But what happens in these labs, and are they actually more than just rooms with 3D printers? Well, they are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, which aim to popularize and expand access to personal (and collaborative) manufacturing, and invention. These are the labs where this … [Read more...]

Mobile JS Conference: A Wrap-Up

Mobile JS logo Barcinno

By: Sam Hutchings It was a sunny Saturday in May when we all gathered for the MobileJS conference in the Mobile World Centre, Barcelona. Patrick Heneise and Alina Mierlus brought together a broad range of speakers around JavaScript in mobile environments and on mobile phones. There was no talk of LTE or 4G. No mention of the iPhone 6 or whatever number Samsung is up to … [Read more...]

“Right To Forget” Translates Into Extra Work For Google In Europe

Google in Europe - Barcinno

The European Union Court of Justice (ECJ) has set in motion a sensitive bill that will make all web browsers, governments, and control agencies around the world take notice. No, it is not Wikileaks all over again. I'm talking about the recent sentence by the ECJ in response to a claim by a Spanish citizen who found old information about him online and asked for it to be … [Read more...]

Exclusive: The Fest-UP Startup Expo Video

Fest-UP Startup Expo at Mobile World Centre - Barcinno

Fest-UP is Barcelona's first-ever, crowdsourced startup festival.  In all, 45 events took place in 22 venues across Barcelona from May 5th-10th, 2014.  Fest-UP is a bottom-up platform for the change-makers of the Barcelona Startup Community to showcase their projects, share their knowledge and remind each other that there's so much to be excited about in our vibrant … [Read more...]

The Makers of Barcelona Launch The First FabCafe in Europe

MOB Launches the first FabCafe in Europe

Our friends over at MOB – the Makers of Barcelona – have been working on something extremely cool and never before seen outside of Japan and China.  Tonight marks the official launch of FabCafe in Barcelona, the first one ever in Europe and one of only three in the world. What is a FabCafe, you ask? Founded in 2011 in Tokyo, Japan, FabCafe is a place where you can print your … [Read more...]