FC Barcelona Launches Mobile Ticketing System At Camp Nou

FC Barcelona steps into XXI century with smartphones mobile ticketing

Whether you're a visitor or resident, it's fascinating to see how Barcelona has utilized technology to improve the city and lives of its people. From mobile applications created by the Government, to private companies that promote and integrate the creation of new systems, methodologies and practices that everyone can use and enjoy. One example of those entities is a … [Read more...]

Designing Wearable Technology That Matters


Those of us who work in the technology sector are all guilty of getting over excited about the next big thing. As the hype gathers pace, we mimic each other and repeat the same old jargon that everyone else is using. ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Wearables’, ‘Big Data’ are just a few of the current ones that are being repeated and shared incessantly across our many forms of media … [Read more...]

Barcelona mHealth Start-ups Take Lead In Healthcare Technology

Barcelona mhealth Startups - Barcinno

There’s no doubt that Barcelona is making a name for itself as the Mobile World Capital. And Spain has been making news at the forefront of certain healthcare, including standing as the example for the world in organ transplants and being home to performed the world’s first Google Glass surgery, performed by knee replacement prodigy Dr. Pedro Guillen. It only makes sense that … [Read more...]

WeNode 2014: This Is How We Node.JS Barcelona-style


WeNode was a one-day, not for profit conference focused on nodeJS, server-side and embedded JavaScript technologies. It was run by BarcelonaJS for the JavaScript community and hosted in the Mobile World Centre in the middle of Barcelona. I was invited along to take a look. The Day and Talks The morning started with us all together in the main room. The first talk of the … [Read more...]

Spain Gives Uber The Boot, Is France Next?

Uber vs Taxi Spain

The weekend can't come soon enough for the ride-sharing app Uber. Disaster is unfolding across continents for the fast-growing San Francisco-based startup recently valued at € On Monday, Uber was banned in New Delhi after a driver allegedly raped a female passenger. On the same day, the Dutch courts ruled that Uber's operations in Holland are in violation of … [Read more...]

5 Reasons To Set-Up Your Dev Shop In Barcelona

dev shop barcelona

Are you thinking about moving your dev shop to Europe? If so, I've listed 5 reasons as to why Barcelona should be high on your list. And no, they are not all 'drinking Sangria in the sun'. 1. Barcelona is awesome I’ll start by stating the obvious and I am by no means what someone might call biased. For any of you that currently live in Barcelona or who have traveled here, you … [Read more...]

Is Barcelona The Smartest City of Them All?


Big data versus Big Brother. Do we want Barcelona to be the smart city to lead all smart cities? Or should the Catalan capital simply save time and money by utilizing open source code to copy other pioneering cities? The 2014 Smart City Expo at Fira Barcelona definitely talked about success being found in a mix of the two. The Mobile World Capital saw 232 businesses and a … [Read more...]

Barcelona Teams Up With Adobe To Build The World’s First Digital Branding Lab For Cities


The Barcelona City Council and Adobe Systems, the multinational software company, have inked an agreement to build the City Branding Lab in Barcelona. The objective: Innovate and experiment with solutions that favor the city's competitiveness, while simultaneously improving the quality of life for its citizens. As we move ever closer towards a global society and the borders … [Read more...]

The Road To Impact: Using The Sun To Turn Wood Into Gas


It was at the Impact Hub Barcelona where I first met Manon Michelle Monhemius. She is on a mission to educate the unsuspecting European co-working crowds to the many benefits of smokeless cooking. From stuffing a giant zucchini in Paris, to innovating on the invariable Swiss fondue in Geneva, and surprising the Monday crowd with lunch at Impact Hub Barcelona, Manon and her … [Read more...]