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Interview With The Founders of Emotions AR At The Mobile World Congress

Augmented Reality seems like a world of wizards and nonsense, like some trivial and ephemeral fireworks but there is more. Can you give it some sense beyond 3D artifice? In reality yes, the a great challenge is to take the mystique away while making it useful, simple, common, democratic, fun,and accessible to all. Emotions AR democratizes the use […]

4YFN 2015 Barcelona - Barcinno

5 Things We Learned From 4YFN 2015

The word is out about 4 Years From Now. The startup-focused sister event to the Mobile World Congress finished its second edition this week, making its presence felt by stealing significant attention away from the main attraction across town. To say that the 2015 edition was successful would be an understatement: 4YFN 2015 ROCKED! Barcinno has collaborated […]


Barcelona Startup moCycl Is Ready To Roll

Those of us who were lucky enough have grown up watching Back To The Future , will never be truly happy until we have a flying hover board, and not one of pure mockery. We are slowly getting there with works in progress such as the Hendo Hover however the limitations are clear. As that miraculous day is still a […]

Barcelona Starup Avuxi - Barcinno

Barcelona Startup AVUXI Wants To Rank The Popularity of Every Place On Earth

There’s nothing worse when you’re on vacation than to realize that you spent way too much money on a hotel that’s subpar and in a bad location. Those that have an unending FOMO – fear of missing out – while traveling can now relax. Enter AVUXI – the next big thing when it comes to online travel booking services. It […]

Barcelona Startup Kantox milestone

A Million Dollars Isn’t Cool. You Know What’s Cool? A Billion Dollars – Kantox Soars To New Heights

Barcelona’s darling fintech startup Kantox has hit an incredible new milestone this week as they surpassed the $1 billion mark of funds traded on their foreign exchange platform. A billion. That’s a 1 with 9 zeroes after it:  Not too shabby for a startup that was founded in a 54-hour Startup Weekend challenge back […]

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