Creator Street Challenge – Join The Social Startup Movement

Social Entrepreneurship Barcelona on Barcinno

Social start-ups are popping up everywhere and proposing new ways to tackle society's biggest challenges like: fostering social engagement, creating new social and digital currencies, developing new ways of learning, collaborating and connecting with people. However it is not easy for these startups to gain critical mass and keep up with evolving needs of the people they aim to … [Read more...]

The Makers of Barcelona Launch The First FabCafe in Europe

MOB Launches the first FabCafe in Europe

Our friends over at MOB – the Makers of Barcelona – have been working on something extremely cool and never before seen outside of Japan and China.  Tonight marks the official launch of FabCafe in Barcelona, the first one ever in Europe and one of only three in the world. What is a FabCafe, you ask? Founded in 2011 in Tokyo, Japan, FabCafe is a place where you can print your … [Read more...]

The Art of Sharing Knowledge: Introducing The Barcelona Knowledge Hub


Another organization just set up shop in Barcelona to promote knowledge-sharing and innovation. Barcelona Knowledge Hub was officially launched last week and is located in the beautiful cloister premises in the Carrer del Carmen. It is a collaboration between Academia Europaea and the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI): two organizations that have knowledge … [Read more...]

Heard@ Smart Fabrics 2013: Trends In Wearable Technology

Smart Fabrics Europe in Barcelona

The 2013 Smart Fabrics Europe Conference on wearable technology was held in Barcelona last week. Don’t be fooled by the name smart fabrics. In reality, this is a multi-disciplinary topic touching upon (flexible) electronics, nanotechnology and interaction design while attracting artists, designers, manufacturers, fashion labels and large multinationals as Nokia, LG, Apple, … [Read more...]

WeArt Barcelona – An Interview With Founder Mertxe Hernández


Barcelona has a huge amount of events every week– check. Barcelona inspires a lot of unexpected initiatives – check. Barcelona is famous for its artistic heritage, which makes it the fourth most visited city in Europe – check. Barcelona is a forward-thinking, innovative artistic metropolis – I believe so. Check! “There are a lot of things to improve and to dream … [Read more...]

Showcase MIBA Barcelona: How To Experience the Art of Invention


It all started with the Dada movement and Marcel Duchamp putting everyday objects with a unique twist in a museum. With this, he started a revolutionary development in the plastic arts. Nowadays, we are witnessing the revolutionary development in the printing arts. But before an object can be 3-D printed, it must first be invented. Barcelona has a lot of museums, from … [Read more...]

Art AND Innovation At The MACBA

Daan Roosegaarde Dune

This post is not about the well-known book of Tom Kelley on the design innovation focus of IDEO and his lessons on creativity: Art of Innovation. It is about art and innovation.  Or even better, how they go hand-in-hand in our very own city of Barcelona. You just have to go to the MACBA, visit the exposition ‘art, two points’ on the ground floor and have a look at the artwork … [Read more...]