Netcentric Is On A Hiring Spree – 30 New Jobs In Barcelona! – {sponsored}

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Since its founding in 2012, Netcentric has been on an absolute meteoric growth spurt. The high-powered IT solutions provider has grown from 18 to over 150 employees with offices all across Europe. Barcelona is the fastest-growing branch and continues to expand rapidly: In July, they move into their new office space, occupying three floors and making way for more than 200 web … [Read more...]

Insight from TEDxBarcelonaWomen 2015


TEDxBarcelonaWomen was a success. Guess what, the next million-dollar opportunity lies predominately with women! Female entrepreneurship is not as much of a gender issue as it is an economic one. Companies run by women are 12% more profitable and receive a 35% higher return on investment. Additionally, for every dollar invested in a woman, you can help take 4 women out of … [Read more...]

Meet Fellow Product Lovers at Product Hunt Barcelona on June 18th


As part of Product Hunt’s Global Meetup, Itnig and StartupVoice are hosting Product Hunt Barcelona. It’s a great event if you’re looking to meet like-minded product lovers and do some networking (or, if you just wanna come by and get some Product Hunt swag!) The Event The Product Hunt Barcelona meetup is taking place on Thursday, June 18th @19:00. It is being kindly hosted by … [Read more...]

Everything You Need To Know About Challengers 2015

Challengers 2015 Barcelona - Barcinno

In less than 10 days, history is going to be made in Barcelona. For the first time ever, Challengers - an international closed-door startup & tech lifestyle experience - will kick off and make Barcelona its home for pushing the limits of what's possible. For lack of a better definition, Challengers is a conference, but it aspires to be something more. Something different. A … [Read more...]

Why Data Is The Backbone of Barcelona’s Smartcity Future

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Despite the lingering economic crisis in Spain, Barcelona - a relatively small city with an urban population of 1.6 million - seems to be prospering in its golden age that arrived in the 1990s. Barcelona is currently #11 on the list of most visited cities in the world.  It's considered among the top 10 places in the world to do business, sits 11th for global scientific … [Read more...]

Barcelona Tech & Startup Events and Conferences Guide For Summer 2015

Barcelona tech startup events summer 2015

Spring has sprung and summer is close behind. Barcelona entrepreneurs have about 12 weeks to hustle and close deals before Spain grinds to a halt for summer holidays. However, in between now and August, there are a few dozen opportunities to meet and mingle with key players in your respective industry. Tech and startup events have become so popular over the last decade because, … [Read more...]

Lessons From Launching Startup Dodgeball Across Europe


I remember vividly that the excitement was always at its highest whenever Völkerball was on the sports curriculum in primary school. “I loved the game in school so much that I felt disappointed whenever the game was over”. Then years later in San Francisco around September 2006 the excitement built up quickly again when I had a chance to play dodgeball, the American version of … [Read more...]

DataBeersBCN Fuels The Excitement For Big Data In Barcelona

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Something big is brewing in Barcelona around the "Big Data" movement. More than 65,000 people visited the Big Bang Data Exposition last year, breaking the record of CCCB and also turning it into a place for workshops and classroom learning. The Big Data Centre of Excellence (or BigData CoE) just opened last month by the hands of Oracle, andO'Reilly is also making a bet on the … [Read more...]

5 Things We Learned From 4YFN 2015

4YFN 2015 Barcelona - Barcinno

The word is out about 4 Years From Now. The startup-focused sister event to the Mobile World Congress finished its second edition this week, making its presence felt by stealing significant attention away from the main attraction across town. To say that the 2015 edition was successful would be an understatement: 4YFN 2015 ROCKED! Barcinno has collaborated with Mobile … [Read more...]

Mobile World Congress 2015 Barcelona Events & Party Guide

Mobile World Congress 2015 Barcelona Events & Party Guide - Barcinno

"Because the real business of MWC happens at the bar" As the 2015 Mobile World Congress hurricane arrives in Barcelona in less than a month, we figured it was about time to put together our (2nd) annual hits list of events and parties taking place around the city in early March. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay close to the MWC action! Have an event to add to … [Read more...]