Lessons From Launching Startup Dodgeball Across Europe


I remember vividly that the excitement was always at its highest whenever Völkerball was on the sports curriculum in primary school. “I loved the game in school so much that I felt disappointed whenever the game was over”. Then years later in San Francisco around September 2006 the excitement built up quickly again when I had a chance to play dodgeball, the American version of … [Read more...]

DataBeersBCN Fuels The Excitement For Big Data In Barcelona

BIg Data In Barcelona - Barcinno

Something big is brewing in Barcelona around the "Big Data" movement. More than 65,000 people visited the Big Bang Data Exposition last year, breaking the record of CCCB and also turning it into a place for workshops and classroom learning. The Big Data Centre of Excellence (or BigData CoE) just opened last month by the hands of Oracle, andO'Reilly is also making a bet on the … [Read more...]

5 Things We Learned From 4YFN 2015

4YFN 2015 Barcelona - Barcinno

The word is out about 4 Years From Now. The startup-focused sister event to the Mobile World Congress finished its second edition this week, making its presence felt by stealing significant attention away from the main attraction across town. To say that the 2015 edition was successful would be an understatement: 4YFN 2015 ROCKED! Barcinno has collaborated with Mobile … [Read more...]

Mobile World Congress 2015 Barcelona Events & Party Guide

Mobile World Congress 2015 Barcelona Events & Party Guide - Barcinno

"Because the real business of MWC happens at the bar" As the 2015 Mobile World Congress hurricane arrives in Barcelona in less than a month, we figured it was about time to put together our (2nd) annual hits list of events and parties taking place around the city in early March. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay close to the MWC action! Have an event to add to … [Read more...]

Get Your Game On at Startup Weekend Barcelona 2015


It's that time of year again! Back by popular demand after last year’s successful edition, where more than 100 people from Spain, UK, France, Germany and Portugal came together to build new companies, Startup Weekend Barcelona will host its 2015 event from the 13th to the 15th of February and it will focus entirely on gaming. Barcelona is making strong moves to become … [Read more...]

Grow-UP Spain Will Connect Spanish Startups With International Investors


When it comes to solving Spain’s unemployment problem, creating a startup-friendly environment is one of the priorities of Spanish politicians on all levels, from local city governments to the central government. And within Spain (and Europe) Barcelona is definitely one of the hot spots and hubs for startups, and events like the Mobile World Congress, 4YFN and the Smart City … [Read more...]

WeNode 2014: This Is How We Node.JS Barcelona-style


WeNode was a one-day, not for profit conference focused on nodeJS, server-side and embedded JavaScript technologies. It was run by BarcelonaJS for the JavaScript community and hosted in the Mobile World Centre in the middle of Barcelona. I was invited along to take a look. The Day and Talks The morning started with us all together in the main room. The first talk of the … [Read more...]

Fest-UP Fall 2014: Barcelona’s Startup Community Festival

Fest-UP Fall 14 Barcelona Startup Barcinno

Fest-UP Fall is a wrap! In the end, more than 400 members of the Barcelona Startup Community participated in Fest-UP Fall 2014 and helped launch the mStartup space at the Barcelona Growth Centre! Fest-UP is Barcelona’s Startup Community Festival – an opportunity to highlight, support and celebrate our exciting entrepreneurial ecosystem!  On November 27th, … [Read more...]

Fest-UP Fall 2014 Arrives at the Barcelona Growth Centre Today!

Fest-UP Fall 14 Barcelona Startup Barcinno

Today, Thursday, November 27th, kicks off the Fall 2014 edition of Fest-UP: Barcelona's Startup Community Festival!  Don't miss your chance to visit the new mStartup space and meet the newest class of Barcelona startups as they exhibit their projects at the Barcinno Startup Expo. All the details are below and the fun begins at 12:00.  See you there! What is Fest-UP? Fest-UP … [Read more...]

Is Barcelona The Smartest City of Them All?


Big data versus Big Brother. Do we want Barcelona to be the smart city to lead all smart cities? Or should the Catalan capital simply save time and money by utilizing open source code to copy other pioneering cities? The 2014 Smart City Expo at Fira Barcelona definitely talked about success being found in a mix of the two. The Mobile World Capital saw 232 businesses and a … [Read more...]