The Makers of Barcelona Launch The First FabCafe in Europe

MOB Launches the first FabCafe in Europe

Our friends over at MOB – the Makers of Barcelona – have been working on something extremely cool and never before seen outside of Japan and China.  Tonight marks the official launch of FabCafe in Barcelona, the first one ever in Europe and one of only three in the world. What is a FabCafe, you ask? Founded in 2011 in Tokyo, Japan, FabCafe is a place where you can print your … [Read more...]

Part 1: Innovation In Barcelona


This article is based on interviews with changemakers, influencers and innovation practitioners:  Joan Marti Estevez (Acc1o), Jorge Juan Fernandez (Biocat & Hospital Sant Joan de Déu), Sonia Mulero (Fundacion INLEA), Jesus Purroy (Parc Científic Barcelona), Marc Ramis (Tech & Business Innovation),  Joan Cortes (Lead To Change) and Nigel Ten Fleming (Adventura Capital) … [Read more...]

Heard@ Intrapreneurship Conference: Ambassadors Of Change


"There's no such thing as failure in intrapreneurship, just opportunities to pivot." With this one-liner, speaker Neil Fogarty kicked off and set the tone of the Intrapreneurship Conference in Barcelona.  Over the course of two days, attendees from all over the world focused on asking the right questions and continued the conversation to help ‘trouble makers’ accelerate … [Read more...]

Heard@ Smart Fabrics 2013: Trends In Wearable Technology

Smart Fabrics Europe in Barcelona

The 2013 Smart Fabrics Europe Conference on wearable technology was held in Barcelona last week. Don’t be fooled by the name smart fabrics. In reality, this is a multi-disciplinary topic touching upon (flexible) electronics, nanotechnology and interaction design while attracting artists, designers, manufacturers, fashion labels and large multinationals as Nokia, LG, Apple, … [Read more...]

Showcase MIBA Barcelona: How To Experience the Art of Invention


It all started with the Dada movement and Marcel Duchamp putting everyday objects with a unique twist in a museum. With this, he started a revolutionary development in the plastic arts. Nowadays, we are witnessing the revolutionary development in the printing arts. But before an object can be 3-D printed, it must first be invented. Barcelona has a lot of museums, from … [Read more...]

Art AND Innovation At The MACBA

Daan Roosegaarde Dune

This post is not about the well-known book of Tom Kelley on the design innovation focus of IDEO and his lessons on creativity: Art of Innovation. It is about art and innovation.  Or even better, how they go hand-in-hand in our very own city of Barcelona. You just have to go to the MACBA, visit the exposition ‘art, two points’ on the ground floor and have a look at the artwork … [Read more...]

Better Know A Startup: Icebergs is changing the way the creative mind organizes and shares material

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time researching, whether it’s for writing an article, preparing a presentation, planning a trip or even for just figuring out what women want. There are a massive range of tools on the market, Evernote & Pinterest are just a few examples that help me bookmark and arrange my notes and pictures but when it comes to perusing this … [Read more...]

6 Challenges To Improve Barcelona: Entrepreneurs Needed!

BCN Open Challenge

At Barcinno, our objective is to shine a spotlight on Barcelona's innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship activity to the rest of the world. Why? Because we believe that the Barcelona ecosystem has a great foundation to become a major global hub for technological growth and forward-thinking progress. There are incubators, investors, progressive technological startups and … [Read more...]

11 Visual Reminders Of Why You Live in Barcelona

Barceloneta Beach

It's Friday, and being the rebels that we are, we feel the need to do unconventional things to help reignite that tempestuous spark in each and every one of us. So, let's take a mini-break from the daily grind and have a little visual holiday through the streets of Barcelona. For all of you that live in Barcelona, this is a quick reminder of why you live here, and for all … [Read more...]

Better Know A Startup: Trip4Real

Live your dreams and share your passion

Let's face it; the online travel market is cluttered with oodles of white noise. We've all been there; the flights are booked for your impending voyage but now you're expected to play the dual role of travel agent and tour guide connoisseur to figure out what the hell to do when you get there. Some of you take to the information highway, studying sites like Tripadvisor for … [Read more...]