Why Corporate Venturing Is Key To Fortune 500 Survival


Creating a promising internal venture capital fund is increasingly seen by large corporations as a way to stimulate innovation and growth. While the track record of corporate VC funds has been rocky at best, in 2015, it's almost certainly a necessary initiative for the survival of Fortune 500 organizations. In order to avoid being disrupted, corporations realize they need to be … [Read more...]

10 “Intangibles” That Determine The Value Of Your Startup


Does your startup have the potential to join the Billion Dollar Club? The only way to find out is by fully understanding the value of your company and the market in which you operate. Obvious? Maybe. Of course, if you're already a publicly traded company the market determines your value, but what if you're a startup and you need to set a value for your next financing … [Read more...]

Interview With The Founders of Emotions AR At The Mobile World Congress


Augmented Reality seems like a world of wizards and nonsense, like some trivial and ephemeral fireworks but there is more. Can you give it some sense beyond 3D artifice? In reality yes, the a great challenge is to take the mystique away while making it useful, simple, common, democratic, fun,and accessible to all. Emotions AR democratizes the use of augmented reality providing … [Read more...]

DataBeersBCN Fuels The Excitement For Big Data In Barcelona

BIg Data In Barcelona - Barcinno

Something big is brewing in Barcelona around the "Big Data" movement. More than 65,000 people visited the Big Bang Data Exposition last year, breaking the record of CCCB and also turning it into a place for workshops and classroom learning. The Big Data Centre of Excellence (or BigData CoE) just opened last month by the hands of Oracle, andO'Reilly is also making a bet on the … [Read more...]

The State of Leadership in Spain: A Case Study


Leadership can make or break a company. The way teams operate and how much they accomplish is most often a direct reflection of the team's leaders. Have you ever wanted to rate your boss honestly? If not, I bet you've wondered if bosses are self-aware to the way they work, the way they makes people feel, or whether or not they are effective at their jobs. Here’s the reality: … [Read more...]

5 Things We Learned From 4YFN 2015

4YFN 2015 Barcelona - Barcinno

The word is out about 4 Years From Now. The startup-focused sister event to the Mobile World Congress finished its second edition this week, making its presence felt by stealing significant attention away from the main attraction across town. To say that the 2015 edition was successful would be an understatement: 4YFN 2015 ROCKED! Barcinno has collaborated with Mobile … [Read more...]

Barcelona Startup moCycl Is Ready To Roll


Those of us who were lucky enough have grown up watching Back To The Future , will never be truly happy until we have a flying hover board, and not one of pure mockery. We are slowly getting there with works in progress such as the Hendo Hover however the limitations are clear. As that miraculous day is still a fair way off, Barcelona startup, moCycl, has come up with with … [Read more...]

Talent Garden – Europe’s Largest Network of Coworking Spaces – Arrives in Barcelona

Talent Garden Barcelona 2015 Launch - Barcinno

“The evolution of coworking - from a desk and a chair, to a collaborative workspace, to a highly productive, curated community - will only continue to evolve as companies and professionals adapt to the changes in how, when and where we work.”  -- Matt Cooper, VP of oDesk Talent Garden - the first international network of coworking campuses with a focus on digital, tech and … [Read more...]

FC Barcelona Launches Mobile Ticketing System At Camp Nou

FC Barcelona steps into XXI century with smartphones mobile ticketing

Whether you're a visitor or resident, it's fascinating to see how Barcelona has utilized technology to improve the city and lives of its people. From mobile applications created by the Government, to private companies that promote and integrate the creation of new systems, methodologies and practices that everyone can use and enjoy. One example of those entities is a … [Read more...]

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Eat ‘Em: UberEATS Launches In Barcelona

UberEATS Barceloa - Barcinno

What do you do if a government ordinance decides to shut you down? Take your existing infrastructure and pivot to a new business model. That's exactly what Uber has done in Barcelona. Two months after the Uber Taxi App was banned in Spain, Uber has launched UberEATS in the Catalan capital of Barcelona. Taking a page from the playbook of UberFRESH in Los Angeles, the … [Read more...]