7 Homegrown Apps To Explore Barcelona Like A Local


Barcelona is a leading SmartCity – what does that mean, you say? Find out here in this epic infographic Barcinno made.  Not to mention, that Barcelona is home of the Mobile World Congress.  Annnd most importantly, free wifi in helpful places like bus stops, parks and at the beach (see wifi hotspot map)! Yup you heard me correctly.   You can instantly post your vacay-selfies and … [Read more...]

How Barcelona Startup Genomcore Uses Big Data To Unleash The Power of Your DNA


The genomic analysis is presented as one of the most important evolutions in healthcare of the next century, but there are still a few skeptics that question this field. How can we interpret the information contained in our genome? How can healthcare professionals deal with the extensive volume of data that this process generates? How can patients have this extremely sensible … [Read more...]

Why Menorca Millennials Brought 20 Startups To A Tiny Island In The Mediterranean

Menorca Millennials 20 startups June 2015 - Barcinno

It's not Ibiza, and it's definitely not Mallorca. The peaceful island of Menorca was host to some of the biggest names of the global tech ecosystem for the last 20 days to bring a unique style of mentoring to 20 of the most promising startups from around the world. The founders of Menorca Millennials, Ricard Garriga and Marcos Martin, wanted to give entrepreneurs a chance to … [Read more...]

How Barcelona Startup Aditium Helped Manage Mobile World Congress and 4YFN


Aditium's TickTrack technology managed access control of Barcelona's two biggest tech events. Nowadays it is rare to know a person that does not own a mobile phone; it has practically become a necessity in the 21st century. This current year will become the year of mobile pay and Near Field Communication (NFC) will make this happen. NFC is the technology that offers the … [Read more...]

Netcentric Is On A Hiring Spree – 30 New Jobs In Barcelona! – {sponsored}

Barcelona web developer jobs_barcinno

Since its founding in 2012, Netcentric has been on an absolute meteoric growth spurt. The high-powered IT solutions provider has grown from 18 to over 150 employees with offices all across Europe. Barcelona is the fastest-growing branch and continues to expand rapidly: In July, they move into their new office space, occupying three floors and making way for more than 200 web … [Read more...]

Insight from TEDxBarcelonaWomen 2015


TEDxBarcelonaWomen was a success. Guess what, the next million-dollar opportunity lies predominately with women! Female entrepreneurship is not as much of a gender issue as it is an economic one. Companies run by women are 12% more profitable and receive a 35% higher return on investment. Additionally, for every dollar invested in a woman, you can help take 4 women out of … [Read more...]

See How Barcelona Startup Bwom Is Improving Women’s Health


For decades, even centuries, many female health problems have been accepted as “the norm”. Things that happen naturally to a woman's body after giving birth to one or more children, or simply as she grows older: urinary incontinence, the potential long term damages of undergoing an episiotomy, difficulties during labour and flaccidity are just some of them. Moreover, most women … [Read more...]

Everything You Need To Know About Challengers 2015

Challengers 2015 Barcelona - Barcinno

In less than 10 days, history is going to be made in Barcelona. For the first time ever, Challengers - an international closed-door startup & tech lifestyle experience - will kick off and make Barcelona its home for pushing the limits of what's possible. For lack of a better definition, Challengers is a conference, but it aspires to be something more. Something different. A … [Read more...]

5 Steps To Launching A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign (twice)


As I am writing this article Mammoth Hunters (the company I founded) is one week into a fund raising campaign through Crowdcube España, an equity crowdfunding platform (check the campaign here). This is not my first experience with crowdfunding. Our first “round” was a reward-based crowdfunding on Indiegogo were we raised 20.420 € from 238 people in 1 month (here is the link) … [Read more...]

The True Importance Of The Barcelona Startup Map Project – {sponsored}

Barcelona Startup Community Map - Barcinno

A healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem is without a doubt the single most influential factor for long-term economic growth and sustainable innovation for cities and countries worldwide. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the global epicenters of innovation: Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, London, Seattle, Boston. These cities, and the professionals that inhabit them, made a conscious … [Read more...]