Breaking News in Barcelona Startups & Tech: Mid-Week Update


Startups, Accelerators and Crowdfunding OH MY! Here's Barcinno's hump day update for Barcelona startups, tech and innovation during the week of January 19, 2015. With January back in full swing and everyone moving at light speed on their 2015 ventures, it's easy to put the blinders on and forget to take a look around. When you come up for air - here are 3 headlines making … [Read more...]

Designing Wearable Technology That Matters


Those of us who work in the technology sector are all guilty of getting over excited about the next big thing. As the hype gathers pace, we mimic each other and repeat the same old jargon that everyone else is using. ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Wearables’, ‘Big Data’ are just a few of the current ones that are being repeated and shared incessantly across our many forms of media … [Read more...]

Meet The First 10 Teams Of Startupbootcamp IoT & Data Barcelona


The future of the Internet is emerging in Barcelona. It's like a movie but in real time. Located in the Growth Center mStartup floor the ten startup teams that have been selected are getting ready for the start of Startupbootcamp IoT & Data. The protagonists are fifty entrepreneurs with a "high level of motivation, dedication, willingness to work hard and the ability … [Read more...]

Get Your Game On at Startup Weekend Barcelona 2015


It's that time of year again! Back by popular demand after last year’s successful edition, where more than 100 people from Spain, UK, France, Germany and Portugal came together to build new companies, Startup Weekend Barcelona will host its 2015 event from the 13th to the 15th of February and it will focus entirely on gaming. Barcelona is making strong moves to become … [Read more...]

Barcelona mHealth Start-ups Take Lead In Healthcare Technology

Barcelona mhealth Startups - Barcinno

There’s no doubt that Barcelona is making a name for itself as the Mobile World Capital. And Spain has been making news at the forefront of certain healthcare, including standing as the example for the world in organ transplants and being home to performed the world’s first Google Glass surgery, performed by knee replacement prodigy Dr. Pedro Guillen. It only makes sense that … [Read more...]

How To Create A Phantom Stock Option Plan For Your Startup

Startup shareholders Agreement Barcelona

In the first post, How To Create A Stock Option Plan For Your Startup, we covered what Stock Option Plans (SOP) are, how they work, and how to use them to reward your employees and collaborators who take the leap of faith in your early stage project. It all seemed very nice and easy, right? But what happens if we want to award SOPs to our "helping hands" but we don’t want to … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Imersivo


This post was written in collaboration with German Leon, co-founder of Imersivo, Exipple and former European Director of Oblong Industries. From the creators of Minority Report comes Imersivo, a Barcelona startup that has its sights set on revolutionizing retail experiences as we know them. The innovative project was founded just last year in conjunction with one of the … [Read more...]

How To Create A Stock Option Plan For Your Startup

shareholders agreement for startups - barcinno

More often than not, especially in the early stages of your startup, you don’t have enough money to compensate the people that are helping your company grow. And even if you do have some early funds, you probably need to spend it on banal things such as marketing, software development, office space, or that growing stack of bills, otherwise there will be no company at … [Read more...]

Grow-UP Spain Will Connect Spanish Startups With International Investors


When it comes to solving Spain’s unemployment problem, creating a startup-friendly environment is one of the priorities of Spanish politicians on all levels, from local city governments to the central government. And within Spain (and Europe) Barcelona is definitely one of the hot spots and hubs for startups, and events like the Mobile World Congress, 4YFN and the Smart City … [Read more...]

WeNode 2014: This Is How We Node.JS Barcelona-style


WeNode was a one-day, not for profit conference focused on nodeJS, server-side and embedded JavaScript technologies. It was run by BarcelonaJS for the JavaScript community and hosted in the Mobile World Centre in the middle of Barcelona. I was invited along to take a look. The Day and Talks The morning started with us all together in the main room. The first talk of the … [Read more...]