The Barcelona Startup Ecosystem Rallies Around Fest-UP!

Fest-UP Barcelona Barcinno

Fest-UP, running May 5th–10th, 2014, is a PLATFORM for the Barcelona Startup Ecosystem to show off their projects, share their knowledge and get to know one another a little bit better.  It’s also making history as Barcelona’s first-ever CROWDSOURCED startup festival! Since the call went out, there have been over 40 confirmed events taking place during Fest-UP week!  The … [Read more...]

Foundum and White Bull Join Forces To Connect Global Startup Ecosystems

Foundum and White Bull  - Barcinno

Foundum, the first online platform that matches innovative, high-growth entrepreneurs with relevant investors, advisors and startup supporters; and White Bull Summits, renowned for its intimate, high-caliber events, connecting top entrepreneurs with global investment have announced their partnership. The mission: to create the world’s most comprehensive platform for global … [Read more...]

Barcelona Jobs: Icevault – Chief Technology Officer

Barcelona Jobs Icevault Barcinno

Company: Icevault Area: Security Place: Barcelona Job type: Permanent Title:  Chief Technology Officer The Chief Technology Officer’s role is to assure the successful execution of the company’s business mission through development and deployment of the company’s web presence and technical backend. This requires envisioning the company’s service offerings as a web-based … [Read more...]

Uber Barcelona – Community Manager

Uber Barcelona - Barcinno Jobs

Company: Uber Area: Mobile Place: Barcelona Job type: Permanent Build the Uber brand in Barcelona & wow users with great support! At Uber, amazing service is our core. We're a game-changing startup, providing quality, on-demand car requests from the touch of your phone. A tenacity toward surprising our users with an awesome experience is critical to our success. We're … [Read more...]

Creator Street Challenge – Join The Social Startup Movement

Social Entrepreneurship Barcelona on Barcinno

Social start-ups are popping up everywhere and proposing new ways to tackle society's biggest challenges like: fostering social engagement, creating new social and digital currencies, developing new ways of learning, collaborating and connecting with people. However it is not easy for these startups to gain critical mass and keep up with evolving needs of the people they aim to … [Read more...]

Announcing Fest-UP! BCN’s Startup Festival

Fest-UP Barcelona Startups Events - Barcinno

Building a sustainable startup ecosystem is not an accidental occurrence. It takes hard work and requires the right mix of philosophy, leadership and dedication over a long period of time. It is also not created by entrepreneurs alone. A vibrant startup community requires the deliberate participation of universities, governments, investors, mentors, service providers and large … [Read more...]

The Makers of Barcelona Launch The First FabCafe in Europe

MOB Launches the first FabCafe in Europe

Our friends over at MOB – the Makers of Barcelona – have been working on something extremely cool and never before seen outside of Japan and China.  Tonight marks the official launch of FabCafe in Barcelona, the first one ever in Europe and one of only three in the world. What is a FabCafe, you ask? Founded in 2011 in Tokyo, Japan, FabCafe is a place where you can print your … [Read more...]

Barcinno’s Guide To Startup Success (part 4): Compensating My Mentor

Barcinno's Guide To Startup Success: How To Compensate My Mentor

This is final article of the 4-part series for achieving success in your entrepreneurial endeavors. The series was created by a business professional who draws from 40 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups. He writes under the pen name J.T. Jamison and Barcinno published a new chapter in his series each Wednesday during March 2014.  For … [Read more...]

Barcelona VC Ysios Capital Opens New €100M Fund To Back Disruptive Biotech Companies

Barcelona VC Ysios Capital Opens New Fund To Back Disruptive Biotech Companies

With all of the international events and hoopla surrounding Barcelona tech startups and mobile ventures, sometimes we overlook the fact that we are also a global epicenter of biomedical research and innovation.  It’s not like they’ve been hiding.  Thousands of scientists, researches, academics and PhDs cycle through Barcelona every year working the next generation of medical … [Read more...]