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Silicon Valley Startup Academy heading to Barcelona

Silicon Valley Startup Academy heading to Barcelona

Silicon Valley Startup Academy will be in Barcelona from October 28th-30th. It is a unique opportunity to learn from top speakers about how to grow your business faster. There will be possibilities to discuss with business owners, investors and entrepreneurs key issues addressing your business plan.

The goal of this event is to learn from the experience of experts from Silicon Valley and Spain. A main figure in this space is Tim Berry; guru, co-founder of Silicon Valley Startup Academy and author of several books on startups and planning. He has been included in the list of the top 20 global entrepreneurs to follow in social media for The New York Times, Business Week and Business Insider. Berry will come to Barcelona to unveil his theory “plan -as- you-go” that is the basis in his experience in planning successful startups. The theory is simple, efficient, and designed to be applied in any business. But of course, many other speakers who excelled in Silicon Valley will also speak during the three-day event to share their insight.

Over two days of training and two networking events, attendees can learn the best strategies when it comes to creating a meaningful business that is capable of changing the world. The following questions will be addressed: how to finance this world changing company? How to build it through a vision? How to create a winning team? Which best practices for developing and implementing a practical strategy based on the identity of the leader of the company are available? How to build a differentiated value proposition? The conference is based on three pillars:

1)       Practical: Steps that you can take and useful strategies to develop your projects.

2)       Effective: The Silicon Valley experience as it applies to your business.

3)      Realistic: Tailored and customized for realities here in Barcelona.

The SVSA composed a large list with promised highlights at the event, herewith a few to give you an idea:

  • How to start the business you dream of – and start it right, with the fundamentals that work.
  • Listen to experts from Silicon Valley. First-hand accounts of the beginnings of Apple ComputerBorland International, ZyncroPalo Alto Software, from then to now and how AlientVault brings Silicon Valley and Spain together.
  • What techniques are used to build up Silicon Valley and how you apply those same techniques here.
  • How to break down your uncertainty into pieces, you can deal with: connecting assumptions to reasonable projections.
  • How to deal with technological trends in the global markets.

A 25% discount is reserved for registrations made before September 30th.
Want to know more about the SVSA, watch this 1.23 minute video.

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