There’s A Glass Ceiling for European Virtual Reality Startups


Let’s face it: Europe’s reputation has never been that of a vibrant tech startup continent. Many factors can be named as the underlying reasons for this: brain drain, scalability problems across countries, a general tendency of people to focus on less risky ventures and a proclivity towards proven business models, just to name a few. It seems that a risk-averse mindset is … [Read more...]

See How Barcelona Is Inspiring New Collaborative Consumption Platforms


A new economic trend is on the rise and rapidly transforming our relationship with our consumerism. After a surge of environmental concerns, a global recession, and years of extreme consumption, people are realizing that it is not the stuff that they need, but the experience that the stuff fulfills. We all have so many possessions lying around that we don’t use from watched … [Read more...]

Why An International Team Chose A Spanish Startup Accelerator


For some young startups, the opportunity to join a leading, promising accelerator that will help get their ideas off the ground and achieve our goals is a dream come true. I wrote an article for Barcinno a few months back describing the benefits of choosing Barcelona as a base for your startup, and mentioned some of the great accelerators in the Barcelona startup ecosystem. For … [Read more...]

Barcelona Startup Trip4real Raises €1.4 Million Investment For Global Growth


Trip4real is here to stay! The fast-growing Barcelona collcons startup has officially locked its second million euro investment, this time in a €1.4 million round led by Emprendetur (€1.2M) and ENISA (€250K). Their first investment round of €1,000,000 was led by Caixa Capital Risc and Kibo Ventures closed in June 2014. The expanding company, famous for their unique online … [Read more...]

Medtep’s $2M Funding Is Good News For Barcelona’s E-Health Sector

Medtep Barcelona ehealth - Barcinno

Medtep, a cutting-edge online platform utilizing digital therapeutics for disease prevention along with advanced solutions for treatment and wellness, closed a $2,000,000 investment round today led by Mexican Investment Fund Stella Maris Partners with the participation of other American and Spanish investors such as Iñigo Juantegui (Co-Founder of, Pablo … [Read more...]

CEO Interview: How Tappx Created An Entire Community To Promote Your Mobile App


In a world where the Internet and technology rule almost every aspect of our daily lives, marketing and advertising online is a must. However, this is not an easy task. Pop ups and spam have made this fleet quite difficult. Now with Tappx the game has changed. Last month, Tappx successfully hit their break-even mark and and show no plans of slowing down. But what is Tappx and … [Read more...]

Barcelona’s Raises €250K To Power The Internet Of Things Movement

barcelona funding - barcinno

Barcelona startup has announced a €250.000 seed round to become the Amazon Web Services for the IoT world. Led by CEO Marc Pous, helps businesses (and individuals) connect their devices to the Internet so they can easily interact with other "smart" devices. The team currently resides in the Wayra Barcelona accelerator program, which also participated … [Read more...]

7 Homegrown Apps To Explore Barcelona Like A Local


Barcelona is a leading SmartCity – what does that mean, you say? Find out here in this epic infographic Barcinno made.  Not to mention, that Barcelona is home of the Mobile World Congress.  Annnd most importantly, free wifi in helpful places like bus stops, parks and at the beach (see wifi hotspot map)! Yup you heard me correctly.   You can instantly post your vacay-selfies and … [Read more...]

How Barcelona Startup Genomcore Uses Big Data To Unleash The Power of Your DNA


The genomic analysis is presented as one of the most important evolutions in healthcare of the next century, but there are still a few skeptics that question this field. How can we interpret the information contained in our genome? How can healthcare professionals deal with the extensive volume of data that this process generates? How can patients have this extremely sensible … [Read more...]

Why Menorca Millennials Brought 20 Startups To A Tiny Island In The Mediterranean

Menorca Millennials 20 startups June 2015 - Barcinno

It's not Ibiza, and it's definitely not Mallorca. The peaceful island of Menorca was host to some of the biggest names of the global tech ecosystem for the last 20 days to bring a unique style of mentoring to 20 of the most promising startups from around the world. The founders of Menorca Millennials, Ricard Garriga and Marcos Martin, wanted to give entrepreneurs a chance to … [Read more...]