The potential of 3D printing

3D Printing Barcinno

Last week we talked about the emerging technology of Augmented Reality; the technology of this week is 3D printing.  Looking at potential, 3D printing is expected to be much more promising with a market up to $550M - $650M per year in ten years time (McKinsey / Gartner). The fields of application are enormous: fashion, manufacturing, toys, medical, architecture, food, retail, … [Read more...]

The Potential of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

The word "Smart" is all around. Whether we refer to Smart Cities, Smart Factories or Smart Health Systems, it is clear that smart technologies are knocking more and more on our door. The promise: connectivity, efficiency and more information. The big trends zooming around the "Smart" concept are Internet of Things (Iot) and Big Data. Just have a look at the events in the … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Hacking Your Personal Health Through The Paleo Philosophy


The following post was written by Oriol Roda, founder and CEO of Mammoth Hunters, the Barcelona-based startup that is a virtual lifestyle advisor based on the Paleo philosophy. Utilizing a combination of training and nutrition, Mammoth Hunters removes all barriers to help people live a healthier life with the latest trends on health and physical performance. Oriol holds a PhD … [Read more...]

Barcelona Ventures Wants To Take Your Startup Stateside

San Fran Cityscape Barcinno

It's no secret that the most successful location for launching tech startups is Silicon Valley. For international companies, the idea of taking their own ideas and attempting to compete with the Silicon success can be daunting. However, thanks to this exact booming success in Silicon Valley, there's an over-abundance of investors eager to finance the next great … [Read more...]

After 3 False Starts, Impact Hub Barcelona Has Found Its Home

Impact Hub Barcelona - Barcinno

Today marks a historic date in Barcelona's social innovation timeline. Not only has Impact Hub arrived; it is finally here to stay. Coperfield for Social Good in Plaça Reial will transition into the Impact Hub Barcelona effective immediately. To understand the colossus of this moment, we need to take a look at the current, and expanding, success of the Impact Hub global … [Read more...]

Final Days To Apply To Wayra’s Accelerator Programs in Barcelona and Madrid

Wayra Sends Out The Call For 50 New Startups in 2014

Entrepreneurs and tech startups have until June 8th to apply for a place within Wayra's Barcelona and Madrid accelerator programs.    In addition to Barcelona and Madrid, six other academies offering places in this call for projects including Dublin and Munich in Europe; and Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Lima and Santiago in Latin America. The priorities of this … [Read more...]

Read@ The Bright Idea Box from Jag Randhawa


This article is a combination of an interview and review featuring Jag Randhawa and his book The Bright Idea Box - Turning Employees Into Idea Hunters- The Bright Idea Box is a program to drive employee engagement and innovation. The main message of this step-by-step book is how to create employee engagement. A company should be people centered and people focused. It makes a … [Read more...]

The Fest-UP Barcelona Hero Sponsors

Fest-UP Heroes - Barcinno

Fest-UP was Barcelona's first-ever, crowdsourced startup festival - an open platform for the entire Barcelona Startup Ecosystem to share their knowledge, showcase their projects and make new connections within our vibrant entrepreneurial community. All in all, more than 3.000 people attended at least one of  the 45 events held in 22 locations across Barcelona - all focused … [Read more...]

4 Insights on Design-led Innovation


The other day I was visiting an event on design-led innovation in the Disseny Hub of Barcelona. Since design, design thinking and user experience are becoming more apparent in the innovation process, in this post I would like to share some highlights. It is inspired by the talk of Smart Design co-founder Dan Formosa and considers how to achieve great design that exceeds … [Read more...]

Foundum and White Bull Join Forces To Connect Global Startup Ecosystems

Foundum and White Bull  - Barcinno

Foundum, the first online platform that matches innovative, high-growth entrepreneurs with relevant investors, advisors and startup supporters; and White Bull Summits, renowned for its intimate, high-caliber events, connecting top entrepreneurs with global investment have announced their partnership. The mission: to create the world’s most comprehensive platform for global … [Read more...]