How To Boost Cash Flow For Your Startup


As a growing startup we have personally experienced the challenges of cash flow management so we know how it feels! The truth of the matter is cash flow management is important for all businesses but it is essential for early stage start-ups. Put simply, cash flow management can be narrowed down to delaying outlays of cash as long as possible whilst encouraging and facilitating … [Read more...]

7 Homegrown Apps To Explore Barcelona Like A Local


Barcelona is a leading SmartCity – what does that mean, you say? Find out here in this epic infographic Barcinno made.  Not to mention, that Barcelona is home of the Mobile World Congress.  Annnd most importantly, free wifi in helpful places like bus stops, parks and at the beach (see wifi hotspot map)! Yup you heard me correctly.   You can instantly post your vacay-selfies and … [Read more...]

5 Steps To Launching A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign (twice)


As I am writing this article Mammoth Hunters (the company I founded) is one week into a fund raising campaign through Crowdcube España, an equity crowdfunding platform (check the campaign here). This is not my first experience with crowdfunding. Our first “round” was a reward-based crowdfunding on Indiegogo were we raised 20.420 € from 238 people in 1 month (here is the link) … [Read more...]

The True Importance Of The Barcelona Startup Map Project – {sponsored}

Barcelona Startup Community Map - Barcinno

A healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem is without a doubt the single most influential factor for long-term economic growth and sustainable innovation for cities and countries worldwide. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the global epicenters of innovation: Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, London, Seattle, Boston. These cities, and the professionals that inhabit them, made a conscious … [Read more...]

7 Steps To Becoming An Awesome Startup Mentor


The Story Of One Startup Mentor Building a successful company is wicked hard. When creating a new business, you generally lack experience in one realm or another and you're limited with how far you can go learning by your own methods. While you can navigate uncharted terrain alone, it’s not the quickest and most efficient way to go about building an elusive unicorn. Any … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Barcelona Companies Should Join Barcinno Channels


Barcinno has been a collaborative and experimental platform since day 1. What began as a simple Wordpress blog has evolved into an influential resource and de facto landing zone for anyone interested in Barcelona tech, startups and innovation. Keeping with our experimental culture, we're opening our platform up to the community so that together we can highlight and amplify the … [Read more...]

10 Amazing Examples Of Personal Branding In Barcelona

Personal Branding in Barcelona - Barcinno

The term "branding" has traditionally been associated with companies - large corporations that have expensive ad agencies and consultants hard at work polishing their image and positioning their brand in the marketplace. However, an interesting by-product came about with the rise of the social media revolution: the personal brand. Don't get me wrong, personal branding has been … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Reduce Your Employee Churn

reduce Employee-churn

How much of your precious time and money do you spend looking for new employees? Does your employee churn resemble something like that of Mass Mutual Life Insurance, viz. awful? Turning your employees over as rapidly as Amazon isn’t favorable to your bottom line, with experts estimating that it can cost up to as much as twice an employee’s salary to contract and train up a … [Read more...]

10 “Intangibles” That Determine The Value Of Your Startup


Does your startup have the potential to join the Billion Dollar Club? The only way to find out is by fully understanding the value of your company and the market in which you operate. Obvious? Maybe. Of course, if you're already a publicly traded company the market determines your value, but what if you're a startup and you need to set a value for your next financing … [Read more...]

5 Reasons WHY Tech Startups Should Choose Barcelona

Fest-UP Barcelona Startups Events - Barcinno

5 Reasons WHY Tech Startups Should Choose Barcelona For Their Headquarters Many factors go into consideration when a startup chooses its working location; type of product, target market, available resources and the list goes on. These factors are exclusive to each startup and every renown startup-hub, such as London and Berlin, have a unique combination of what they have to … [Read more...]