4 Meetup Events This Week For Barcelona Entrepreneurs

This post has been adopted from the Barcelona Internet Startup Meetup group newsletter about this week’s events and activity in the Barcelona startup ecosystem. Barcelona Internet Startups was founded in January 2011 and is now one of the fastest growing startup communities in Spain. The purpose of this group is to bring together members of the local and international community to support and foster the growth of a thriving startup hub.Barcelona Startup Ecosystem

Hola Barcelona Internet Startup Members,

The winter weather is lifting and so is the global buzz around Barcelona becoming a major startup hub.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had numerous international startup accelerators and incubators visit Barcelona. The feedback from them has indeed been very very positive. I would not be surprised to see these groups open up shop here in Barcelona in the not too distant future offering the Barcelona community for startups more choices.

The first article that generated some great buzz was from Robin Wauters, the European Editor of The Next Web. His bullish article about the Barcelona ecosystem can be found here.

The new blog Barcinno covering startups in Barcelona created by our fellow member Scott Mackin. Sign up to receive your daily update on the Barcelona scene. Great job Scott and your team!

Next up, from the German perspective we had fellow member Thomas Keup and his very upbeat blog post found here.

And finally last but not least we had Startupbootcamp.org and their take on the scene found here. I’m looking forward to seeing them with a Barcelona Footprint.

The creation of any ecosystem takes massive community support and spirit. Barcelona has all the necessary ingredients to make it happen. If you have a blog then write about your thoughts and get them out there- in print and live on the net. As Nike says so well: Just Do It!

The 4 upcoming events this week:

Wednesday May 15, 8 PM – TONIGHT!

#1 : Getting Press for your Startup by Robin Wauters

Any startup needs to get their word out to attract users and potential investors. As an investor, I look for an individuals capability to promote. How powerful is his/her Social Capital.

There is no better individual to listen and learn from than Robin.He writes daily about the startup world for one Europe’s most read daily online journals – The Next Web. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and network afterwards. Make a lasting impression so that you and your story is memorable.

Thursday May 16, 7:45 PM

#2 Agile Lateral Design Thinking- Creating and Optimizing Innovative Business Ideas

Startups will go through many stages of ups and downs. You will get stuck. You will get frustrated. This is normal. But how do you take the next step? What tools are available to help you? Nadine Meisel and Saket Bivalkar will teach you the Agile Lateral Design Thinking techniques to get you out of your rut and move you to the next step getting your startup back on track.

Saturday May 18, 10 AM

#3 Speed Dating 4 – Finding the Talent You Need

Our Meetup group members cover the entire spectrum of assets needed to build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)and/or to take you from Startup phase to Grownup phase. Need a coder, designer, UI/UX, marketing or branding guru,lawyer, capital (and more…)? This is the perfect environment to meet, greet and connect with your future partners.

Sunday May 19, 9 AM

#4 Sunday’s at Starbucks – Practice your pitch and present

The Sunday at Starbucks gathering features 2-3 presentations by startups looking to either validate an idea or to practice their pitch and get extremely valuable feedback. I can’t stress to you how important it is to nail your pitch. It is the make it or break it moment for all startups. The weakest link in any startup is the pitch. If you do not learn how to communicate your idea, investors will not invest. The Sunday at Starbucks repeats every two weeks.

If you are like me and tired of hearing about Silicon Valley being the be-all and end-all for startups, let’s make a pact to get Barcelona recognized as a Global Startup Capital.

Move over Boulder and Berlin – Barcelona is coming!

Have a fantastic day and see you at one or all the above events. Your participation makes this all happen so sign up with Barcelona Internet Startups!


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