Heard@ The Next Web Europe 2015: 10 Years of Innovation


Some events you expect to go beyond imagination. In search of inspiration and with admittedly big expectations I entered the venue of The Next Web Europe's tenth edition in Amsterdam: home to startups the likes of Peerby, Booking.com and WeTransfer. All prime examples of how the digital economy is disrupting the market place. Hence, I hoped to find the vibe of the disruptive … [Read more...]

Why Corporate Venturing Is Key To Fortune 500 Survival


Creating a promising internal venture capital fund is increasingly seen by large corporations as a way to stimulate innovation and growth. While the track record of corporate VC funds has been rocky at best, in 2015, it's almost certainly a necessary initiative for the survival of Fortune 500 organizations. In order to avoid being disrupted, corporations realize they need to be … [Read more...]

Heard@ Techscout 2014: Strategic Venturing and Innovation Excellence

Conector Cover Photo Barcinno

An update on innovation strategy Another conference on innovation landed last month in Barcelona: the European Networking Group with its Techscout 2014:  Strategic Venturing and Innovation Excellence. Open Innovation directors from large corporates as Nestle, Unilever, General Mills, Shell and DSM shared their experience. The central question was: are we entering innovation … [Read more...]

Heard@ Next Bank Europe: Disrupting The Banking Industry

Next Bank Europe Barcinno

Recently Temenos, one of the sponsors of the Next Bank Europe Conference, released a white paper on industry disruption in the banking sector. Their introduction depicts clearly the urgency to come up with new business models and value propositions. “Digitization is changing the industry’s dynamics. Cloud computing is lowering the cost of doing business. Improvements in … [Read more...]

The potential of 3D printing

3D Printing Barcinno

Last week we talked about the emerging technology of Augmented Reality; the technology of this week is 3D printing.  Looking at potential, 3D printing is expected to be much more promising with a market up to $550M - $650M per year in ten years time (McKinsey / Gartner). The fields of application are enormous: fashion, manufacturing, toys, medical, architecture, food, retail, … [Read more...]

The Potential of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

The word "Smart" is all around. Whether we refer to Smart Cities, Smart Factories or Smart Health Systems, it is clear that smart technologies are knocking more and more on our door. The promise: connectivity, efficiency and more information. The big trends zooming around the "Smart" concept are Internet of Things (Iot) and Big Data. Just have a look at the events in the … [Read more...]

Think global, act local reflections

Barefoot Running Barcinno

Last week, the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations (WCPUN) organized a multi-stakeholder platform to dialogue on the topic of local innovation for global sustainable development challenges. Citizen participation is a central tool and mechanism for the WCPUN. The objective was to discuss challenges and get local input for the global agenda, debate and connect minds … [Read more...]

Read@ The Bright Idea Box from Jag Randhawa


This article is a combination of an interview and review featuring Jag Randhawa and his book The Bright Idea Box - Turning Employees Into Idea Hunters- The Bright Idea Box is a program to drive employee engagement and innovation. The main message of this step-by-step book is how to create employee engagement. A company should be people centered and people focused. It makes a … [Read more...]

4 Insights on Design-led Innovation


The other day I was visiting an event on design-led innovation in the Disseny Hub of Barcelona. Since design, design thinking and user experience are becoming more apparent in the innovation process, in this post I would like to share some highlights. It is inspired by the talk of Smart Design co-founder Dan Formosa and considers how to achieve great design that exceeds … [Read more...]

Heard@ ESADE’s 7th Annual Social Innovation Conference

ESADE’s 7th Annual Social Innovation Conference - Barcinno

ESADE held their 7th annual Social Institute Conference last week to share knowledge, inspire future projects and activate the international audience.  Social Innovation is about addressing the challenges imposed on society related to housing, education, food, employment, poverty, safety and health. It shakes off indifference to rethink and improve upon the status quo: … [Read more...]