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Social start-ups are popping up everywhere and proposing new ways to tackle society’s biggest challenges like: fostering social engagement, creating new social and digital currencies, developing new ways of learning, collaborating and connecting with people. However it is not easy for these startups to gain critical mass and keep up with evolving needs of the people they aim to help. What challenges do social startups face to engage with users? How can they build a stable community?

Creator Street Challenge by Innova - Barcinno

Creator Street Challenge is a non-profit initiative launched by Innova Partners that will cope with these issues for two social startups: The Social Coin & the new Preparate Banco de Tiempo.

The Challenge will bring together entrepreneurs, young professionals and students from different disciplines, during two key events (Kick-off workshop on May 9th/10th & Final Bootcamp on May 30th/31st), with some fieldwork in small teams in between each session. Participants will explore user needs, generate ideas and come up with prototypes for solving specific problems of these startups using a human-centric, “thinking by doing” approach that will be shared in ad-hoc training sessions during the workshops by Creator Street.

This is a unique opportunity for both startups and participants:

  • Social start-ups can improve their platforms by leveraging on a human centred methodology to solve their users needs.
  • The participants have the opportunity to use their skills and develop new ones while supporting two non-profit start-ups.
  • Work on inspiring social challenges and shape concepts building on the latest digital trends such as collaborative networks and social currencies.

The challenge will also count with the support of a number of experts in related topics, such as collaborative networks OUIShare, social media marketing and Gamification expert Emiliano Labrador.

Creator Street Barcelona by Innova - Barcinno

Submissions are now open on the Creator Street Challenge website. For those eager to learn more and get involved, there’s a related Meet-up this Wednesday, April 9th. Join us now and participate in the growth of two promising Barcelona social startups! For more info contact:

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