Creator Street Challenge – Join The Social Startup Movement

Social Entrepreneurship Barcelona on Barcinno

Social start-ups are popping up everywhere and proposing new ways to tackle society's biggest challenges like: fostering social engagement, creating new social and digital currencies, developing new ways of learning, collaborating and connecting with people. However it is not easy for these startups to gain critical mass and keep up with evolving needs of the people they aim to … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Hidden City Tours

Hidden City Tours Barcelona - Barcinno

Pop Quiz!  What do these 5 people all have in common?                               Not sure, no problem, I'll give you some hints... #1 They are all accredited Hidden City Tour Guides. #2 They are all educating people like you and I about the many hidden gems within the beautiful city of Barcelona. #3 They are all very handsome gentlemen. However, what you may not … [Read more...]

Make Your Startup Go Viral: The Secrets Behind Viral Loops Revealed

Viral loops, startups

I want to make my startup go viral. I beg it of you; please shower me with your dark magic secrets to customer acquisition. What is it that makes startups such as Quizup grow from zero to 3 million users in less than 3 weeks? What kind of skullduggery is this? Are you Gandalf? Sound familiar? Maybe not in that fashion but you get my point. With fierce competition and … [Read more...]

Better Know A Startup: Weplan


I detest with every piece of my living soul having to call any Telco in Spain. Anyone who wants to preserve any of their sanity shouldn’t have to be put through the rigmarole of calling these giants to experience what some might describe as the worst example of customer service ever. ‘What, you don’t have it noted down on the system that I called 500 times before asking to … [Read more...]

4YFN Kicks Off At The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

4 Years From Now Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2014 - Barcinno

4 Years From Now, the entrepreneur-centric event within the Mobile World Congress, kicked off yesterday with amazing keynote speakers, workshops and panel discussions. Hosted by Mobile World Capital in Plaça Espanya, 4YFN gives startups the home they deserve in the middle of the MWC chaos. "Last year, we spent most of our time trying to connect and meetup with other … [Read more...]

5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Joining A Startup


Being able to build something you love  that has the potential to change the world (whether for good or evil) coupled with the potential to amass some serious wealth is why we are seeing an increasing amount of the workforce jump ship and paddle off to startup land. Corporates are facing the realization that their jobs that were once so safe and secure are actually not. And … [Read more...]