Meet The 10 Barcelona Startups That Pitched At Pirates On Shore

World Cup be damned. Uruguay takes down England? No thanks. It was pitch night in Barcelona as Pirates on Shore arrived and friends from Wellington Partners, Nauta Capital and Active Venture Partners came out for the deal flow. Wayra Barcelona sponsored our shindig at the MediaTIC Cibernarium and the call went out for Barcelona’s best to test their merit. We were not disappointed. Here are the 10 startups that pitched to international VCs at Pirates on Shore Barcelona last night: 

Pirates on Shore Barcelona powered by Barcinno

Conductr – the AbletonLive Controller specifically designed for the iPad so DJs can focus on what’s important – entertaining YOU!

Kompyte – the alert system for tracking your competitors’ every move, campaign, or update to help you evaluate and respond

Boolino – an online platform for children’s books, acting as a bridge between parents and publishers helping to improve children’s learning abilities worldwide

Vidzor – the video platform that allows you to create and publish completely customizable interactive videos online

BTCpoint – The physical ATM that can both buy and sell bitcoins across multiple currencies for your convenience.

WeSmart Park – The faster way park: WSP saves time and money by allowing you to pick and pay for a parking spot in advance

Canoe Messenger – the mobile messaging app that integrates coordination tools into conversation so teams can truly focus on productivity!

Watly – the solar hub designed to deliver both energy and connectivity to the world while simultaneously purifying and providing water

Aditium – the Ticktrack system is a platform for the generation, distribution and validation of public transportation tickets that allows mobile phones become validation terminals, leading to a speedier and smoother boarding process

IceVault – Protecting your digital assets from thieves and hackers by securing them OFFLINE in Swiss vaults

In the end, Conductr and IceVault took home the gold – both Barcelona Startups will walk the VC plank at the Pirate Summit in Cologne this September. Congratulations to all of the startups at presented tonight – I have it on high authority that you impressed our guests from the European investment community. Thanks for making it a great night.

Full disclosure: I did catch the end of the Uruguay/England match, and it was awesome.


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