Ask The VC: Interview With Principal Imran Akram From DN Capital


Give us a brief introduction, what do you do at DN Capital and how it is that you define yourself? I’m the father of two daughters and godfather to multiple European growth companies. For DN I look for very interesting startups with a lot of growth potential. Tell us more about DN and your new fund DN has been doing the same thing since we started 13 years ago and that is … [Read more...]

Taking a different approach to financing: Revolving Funds


Money makes the world go round, and even the brightest ideas need investment. One way is finding a venture capitalist, business angels or incubator to generate seed fund for your enterprise in the make. Another less practiced option is taking part in a revolving fund.  Well, it's time to pay extra attention to this last mechanism. In these times of fewer options for subsidy, … [Read more...]