Barcelona VC Ysios Capital Opens New €100M Fund To Back Disruptive Biotech Companies

Barcelona VC Ysios Capital Opens New Fund To Back Disruptive Biotech Companies

With all of the international events and hoopla surrounding Barcelona tech startups and mobile ventures, sometimes we overlook the fact that we are also a global epicenter of biomedical research and innovation.  It’s not like they’ve been hiding.  Thousands of scientists, researches, academics and PhDs cycle through Barcelona every year working the next generation of medical … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding in Spain: New Regulations But A Long Way To Go

Crowdfunding - Barcinno

Crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, micropatronage, microsponsorship; no matter the name, the idea is all the same: small amounts of money from the public are donated or pledged to a project to help raise money. For all of you who are new to the concept of crowdfunding, based on Investopedia's definition, it relates to the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of … [Read more...]

Barcelona Startup Keonn Tech Wins The First Keiretsu Forum of 2014

Conector Accelerator Barcelona - Barcinno

Keiretsu Forum is the largest international association of private investors and business angels in the world.  Established in San Francisco in 2000, their network has grown to over 2,000 members across the US, Europe and Asia and has invested more than $200M in more than 250 ventures worldwide. Here in Spain, Keiretsu Forum members have invested €5.1M in 17 startups … [Read more...]

Ask The VC: Interview With Principal Imran Akram From DN Capital


Give us a brief introduction, what do you do at DN Capital and how it is that you define yourself? I’m the father of two daughters and godfather to multiple European growth companies. For DN I look for very interesting startups with a lot of growth potential. Tell us more about DN and your new fund DN has been doing the same thing since we started 13 years ago and that is … [Read more...]

Are Hedge Funds The Next Pot Of Gold For Startup Investment?

Hedge Funds For Startups - Barcinno

Entrepreneurship. Isn’t it hard enough to find a good idea, to make it a reality and scale it without having to spend countless hours courting investors?  We’ve all heard the heartbreaking stories of great ideas that failed to materialize due to lack of funds. For those of us without a “sugar daddy” to keep filling our entrepreneurial pockets, we are all too often obliged to … [Read more...]

The Tyranny Of The Small Spanish “VCs”

The Tyranny of Small Spanish VCs - Barcinno

Start-ups will do anything for money. And by anything, I mean give up huge percentages of equity, board seats, hey, even some close relatives if they could!  Investors know this and too many to count are taking advantage of it in Spain. What's the real issue here? Let's take a look at the bigger picture. Of course we all have a price; there is a number for everyone out … [Read more...]

Barcelona Startup Treeveo Closes A New Type Of Angel Round


It’s no secret that raising money for high-growth ventures in Spain is a monumental task, especially at the seed level.  Whether from the lack of experienced angel investors or the competition from the explosion of new startups in a down economy, getting that crucial angel investment can sometimes seem like mission impossible.  That’s why Barcelona startup Treeveo decided to … [Read more...]

How To Find Your Startup Co-Founder: The Importance Of Teaming Up

Co-founders and importance of teams

Innovation does not often occur by an individual acting on their own. You need a team effort to push an idea through the innovation funnel and turn it into an implemented product or service. The team does not necessarily have to be the same throughout the entire process, but a good balance in technological, business and user-experience skills are key. Team up to innovate and … [Read more...]

Foundum Unplugged Is Matching Europe’s Hottest Startups With €5B

Foundum Unplugged, Barcelona - Barcinno

For the second time in as many years, Foundum Unplugged will be playing matchmaker in Barcelona on November 26th & 27th as they unite Europe’s most promising startups with top VCs and investors managing more than €5 billion in funds. Foundum is the global startup ecosystem platform that connects entrepreneurs with all relevant stakeholders they need to create … [Read more...]