Announcing Fest-UP! BCN’s Startup Festival

Building a sustainable startup ecosystem is not an accidental occurrence. It takes hard work and requires the right mix of philosophy, leadership and dedication over a long period of time. It is also not created by entrepreneurs alone. A vibrant startup community requires the deliberate participation of universities, governments, investors, mentors, service providers and large corporations working together to build an inclusive entrepreneurial culture.

Barcelona has all of the ingredients to become a world-leading startup community. However, there is one common factor that hurts our growth, both locally and internationally, and that is the lack of communication within the community.  Barcelona is home to cutting-edge design innovation, technological advancements and biomedical breakthroughs. However, many of these success stories are not even heard by our closest of neighbors here in the city. Hence, the creation of Fest-UP.

FESTUp - BarcinnoStarting on May 5th, 2014 the Barcelona startup community will come together for a week of events, workshops, competitions and fun to share and celebrate what is currently taking place here in our beautiful city. An event that is for the Barcelona community and created by the Barcelona community, that captures this amazing moment in time.

Now the fun part…

All of Fest-UP’s events, workshops, and activities are currently being created and submitted as you read this…This is not your typical startup event.  So get excited, and learn how you can get involved!

Where is Fest-UP:

Thanks to Mobile World Capital, the main stage has been set, but the beauty of Fest-UP is that the community makes the rules. For instance, co-working spaces such as MOB, itnig, and Betahaus have already shown their support and opened their doors for Fest-UP activities.

However, there is no restriction to new venues or creative events. The mission of Fest-UP is to provide a platform for our community to collaborate, share ideas, and simply get to know our neighbors.

The Fest-UP Family

Fest-UP Barcelona Startups Events - barcinno

To get involved in Fest-UP:


Submission Deadline April 25th, 2014

*Due to the high volume of Fest-UP! submissions, your patience is appreciated in submitting your event.

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