Fest-UP Service Jam Day 1: First Impressions

Each year, more than 262,000 tons of food goes to waste in Catalonia.  Swapsee, the community marketplace for talent, along with Claro Partners, a Barcelona-based business innovation and service design firm, in collaboration with EatWith and le18 have organized a Service Jam to tackle this issue head-on during Fest-UP.

Swapsee Claro Partners Eat WithYesterday, on Monday, May 5th the first-ever session of the Fest-UP Service Jam BCN kicked off with 18 participants, all of them from a diverse professional and culture background. During the intro Marta Mariné of Swapsee explained the dynamics of the Service Jam and the reason behind it: to bring talent together, collaborate, and come up with ideas to stop the dreadful problem of food waste. Gaby Susana and Diletta Parente of Plataforma Aprofitem els Aliments participated in the event as well, and offered a presentation on the state of food wastage in the world and in Catalonia. The new information helped participants put to the problem into context and see the impact in hard numbers.  You can see the intro presentation that was used at the event here.

The objective of session 1 of Fest-UP Service Jam BCN was for the three groups to identify the specific problem they wanted to tackle, identify their target market, and write down their value proposition.

We were lucky enough to follow Group 1, which was mentored by Marta Mariné, and we were very impressed with the ideas being created. Dozens of post its on the wall, a hailstorm of ideas bouncing across the room, and probable conclusions being drawn…check out this dynamic team:

Participants Group 1:

– Aina Pascual (Researcher and Food Waste Specialist),

– Ayse Naz Pelen (UX/UI Designer),

– Ilia Zelenkin (Business Analyst),

– Julie Frene (Graphic Designer),

– Roberto Renteria (Product Designer), and

– Mariana Socorro (Marketer)

After a series of creative brainstorming and brain writing techniques the participants decided that they wanted to focus on the challenge of “raising the awareness of the value of food”. Their target will be children and their parents, and their value proposition stems from the idea of “‪give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Value proposition Group 1:

To offer an interactive solution for kids to comprehend food waste and the many ways to prevent it in a fun and memorable way, while building better food use habits among children and their parents.


Fest-UP Service Jam Swapsee & Claro Partners - Barcinno

Fest-UP Service Jam Group 1

Marta Marine of Swapsee at the Fest-UP Service Jam

Check out the full event coverage here.

Stay tuned for more impressions about Fest-UP Service Jam BCN tomorrow!

*Barcinno is a sponsor and the official media partner of Fest-UP Service Jam BCN.

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