Nutrino, Your Personalized Nutrition App That Answers The Question: “What Should I Eat?”

Nutrino 2.0 becomes the first app that answers the pressing question of “what should I eat?” Based on the user’s individual profile, exercise levels, eating habits, preferences and goals, the app is able to recommend what your next meal of the day should be. Nutrino is a 24/7 Health Coach that allows the user to track their food intake while also advising him or her what particular food or dish to eat in order to achieve their health objectives.

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“Nutrino 2.0 is the next step to help users take the right eating decisions. Every year hundreds of new nutrition studies are published, often contradicting one another. We constantly face a lot of confusing and conflicting nutritional advice, making the question “what should I eat?” very baffling. “If you type in Google “what should I eat?” you get more than 300 million results. If you gather with a group of friends everyone has its own opinion on what food is healthy and which one is not.” said Jonathan Lipnik, CEO and co-founder, Nutrino.

“Currently there are hundreds of apps and gadgets to track your diet but nobody is telling you what is the correct food to eat based on your lifestyle. Our technology gathers information from the user by connecting to different apps and sensors and uses this information to tell the user what he or she should eat in order to achieve his health goals, no matter if they are gaining/losing weight, gaining muscle mass or simply eating healthier,” continued Lipnik. “Nutrino was created in collaboration with many researchers, nutritionists and registered dietitians. Our medium-term goal is to extend the reach of such health professionals so they can help many more individuals around the world in an effective way using state-of-the-art technology.”

“After one year of our successful beta launch, we have created the most advanced nutrition solution available today in the market.” Lipnik affirmed. Nutrino 2.0 for iPhone is available to download for free from the App Store globally. An Android version is currently in development. For more information about Nutrino, please visit

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