Is Learning To Code Really That Important?


This is a guest post by Xavi Leal Meseguer, Growth Lead at Ironhack. Xavi also teaches Business Organization and Tutorship at the Istituto Europeo di Design. Prior to joining Ironhack, Xavi worked as a Product Manager at a Madrid startup and Business Development Manager at Step One Ventures. At Ironhack, we hear about new ideas that come to life and revolutionize a market or … [Read more...]

Nutrino, Your Personalized Nutrition App That Answers The Question: “What Should I Eat?”

Nutrino 2.0 App Barcinno

Nutrino 2.0 becomes the first app that answers the pressing question of “what should I eat?” Based on the user’s individual profile, exercise levels, eating habits, preferences and goals, the app is able to recommend what your next meal of the day should be. Nutrino is a 24/7 Health Coach that allows the user to track their food intake while also advising him or her what … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Wefitter (@WeFitter)

wefitter app

Can someone remind me why I go through the pain of pushing myself to exercise every night? I’m sure there was something more to it than burning calories and de-stressing to avoid mid-day meltdowns. Oh that’s it; I have thousands of Nike fuel points, awesome! But what can I do with them exactly? Exchange them for gold bullion? Doesn't seem so… Over a year ago the founders of … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Quipu (@getquipu)


I don't know about you but I’d rather be tied in chains and roaming the lands of Hades than taking care of our accounting. I tried, I failed and I don't want to do it again. Hearing the words "IVA", "Social Security" or "IRPF" is enough to set me off. It’s pure evil I tell you. Not so long ago, I met a group of people who share my same views on said subject matter. They are … [Read more...]

#Barcelona #Startup Jobs: Yieldr (@yieldr) Publisher Business Development Manager


Yieldr Barcelona is looking for an ambitious Publisher Business Development Manager, who will be developing and maintaining relationships with key suppliers in our central sales countries; United Kingdom, Nordics, Poland and Turkey. About Yieldr  Yieldr thrives on creating and capturing demand for its advertisers by activating data into efficient programmatic marketing … [Read more...]

#Barcelona #Startup Jobs: Yieldr (@yieldr) Sales Manager Turkey, Barcelona Office


For our Barcelona office, Yieldr is looking for an ambitious Sales Manager with a network in e-commerce to connect advertiser to Yieldr's technology. About Yieldr Yieldr thrives on creating and capturing demand for its advertisers by activating data into efficient programmatic marketing solutions. Whether it’s filling the last remaining room in a hotel or reaching the … [Read more...]

Why Tel Aviv Is A Great Place For Barcelonians To Start-Up


This is a guest post by Hanan Lavy, Director of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Tel Aviv. Prior to joining Microsoft, Hanan founded several startups and was the Director of Software R&D at Mercury (acquired by HP for $4.7B). Hanan is going to be speaking at a meetup in Barcelona on Friday at 2pm in Torres Diagonal Litoral, Carrer de Josep Pla, 2, Edificio B3, Planta 6 … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Mammoth Hunters (@MammothHunters1)


I’ll admit that Mammoth Hunters is one of the odder names I’ve come across for a tech start up, but the founding team assures me that it perfectly conveys what they are trying to accomplish and embodies their spirit. It also works as a perfect starting point for the history behind the dream of three guys: Néstor, Xavi and Oriol. Oriol has a PhD in Molecular Biology and is an … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Agroptima (@Agroptima)

Agroptima Cover Photo

The age-old agriculture industry has been seeing a lot of evolution in the past years with farmers leveraging the power of Big Data and Internet of Things, resulting in improved crop yields and a movement towards what is being coined as Precision Agriculture. With hefty acquisitions such as Climate Corp by Monsanto for nigh on a billion dollars, we are starting to seeing a … [Read more...]

Better Know A Startup: IceVault (@swissicevault)


Bitcoin. Even if you don’t fully understand how it works or what it even does, you’re probably aware that it’s kind of a big deal. If you want to know why you should care about Bitcoin then I’d check out this article from Marc Andressen. It’s hard to ignore the recent influx of large VC investments into Bitcoin companies such as Coinbase, BitPay, Circle, which is understandable … [Read more...]