Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Cookbooth


With over 90 million photos using the #food hashtag and more than 40 million people using cooking apps in Latin America, Europe and the US, it’s safe to say that people like food. If you like to cook, then you have a gluttonous supply of apps at your fingertips such as Epicurious, Big Oven and All Recipes. The problem is that the recipes are often hard to follow with no visuals … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Unique Visitors


Classic museums often exude a sense of antique romance, peaceable calm and opulence, not ideally suited for all mankind who at times can feel a certain disconnect to the canvas, tapestries and sculptures that materialize on the laterals. Not just that, most museums are massive. As popular culture calls for us to say we have been there are done it all, we skip gleefully from … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Hidden City Tours

Hidden City Tours Barcelona - Barcinno

Pop Quiz!  What do these 5 people all have in common?                               Not sure, no problem, I'll give you some hints... #1 They are all accredited Hidden City Tour Guides. #2 They are all educating people like you and I about the many hidden gems within the beautiful city of Barcelona. #3 They are all very handsome gentlemen. However, what you may not … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Common Folk

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: CommonFolk - Barcinno

Look at these pictures and tell me what you see… If you see common folks, sitting in their homes, surrounded by the accumulation of their plastic consumption in just 1 week, then you are seeing what I am seeing. Now, take a quick moment to think about what your picture would look like if this was your accumulation of plastic waste from last week. What if you … [Read more...]

Better Know A Startup: Weplan


I detest with every piece of my living soul having to call any Telco in Spain. Anyone who wants to preserve any of their sanity shouldn’t have to be put through the rigmarole of calling these giants to experience what some might describe as the worst example of customer service ever. ‘What, you don’t have it noted down on the system that I called 500 times before asking to … [Read more...], Browser-based Call Center Picks Up $150K From Kima Ventures browser based call center

Our friends over at have just picked up a seed round from Kima Ventures to the tune of $150K. "Closing this round of seed funding will allow us to vigorously pursue business development and user acquisition strategies" says Summann Gandham, co-founder and CEO, is a scalable browser-based call center & CRM solution targeted to SMEs that doesn’t … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Mint Labs


Health has been on the agenda for some time and it’s shaping up to be a year for some heavy disruption in the sector. Understandably, health startups present an opportunity to reduce costs for medicals systems that often use antiquated methods for diagnosing and treating diseases. With the rise of collaboration tools, doctors across the world can more easily access and share … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Audiosnaps


Taking a photo has never been easier. From smartphones to Google Glass to the potential of installing a camera into your eye socket, we have been catapulted into an era where sharing what you’re living has become and integral part of our daily lives. We take and view more photos now than ever before. In fact more than 1.4 billion pictures are snapped every day of which 630 … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Wineissocial


I love wine. There I said it. Wine, wine, wine. I’m not worried that in some countries I’d be considered a raging alcoholic because I live in Spainwhere we drink vino with breakfast. In case you aren't aware, it’s been proven by real life scientists that drinking a glass bottle of wine a day is good for the health. When it comes to choosing wine it can be hit and miss. … [Read more...]

Barcelona Startups Lawyeah & TutoToons Are Ready For Their Close-up

Barcinno startup videos, Barcelona

Another week down and another two Barcelona startups have filmed their 60 Second Startup Video at the Mobile World Centre, site of Jobfluent's 4th Startup Jobfair (it was a packed house and a great event so please disregard the background noise). Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of Barcelona's very own video experts, BCN Startup Video.  Matt … [Read more...]