Barcelona Accelerator Conector Welcomes 15 New Startups Into The Program

Barcelona Accelerator Conector has just selected the next 15 startups to enter into the mentoring program of training and advice. This will be the second class of startups for the newest Barcelona accelerator program, as the first four graduated in Conector’s first Demo Day in May. Conector searches for the best projects in the mobile and Internet sectors, typically those less than two years old with a focus on going global. The idea behind selecting these companies is that Conector will provide all the resources it can (mentors, networks, etc..) to improve a company’s project.

Barcelona Accelerator Conector Announces Its 2nd Call For Startups

A committee analyzes potential projects based on equipment, clear business models, scalability and  future projections. Ultimately, the Conector mentors choose a project they would like to work with and then they can begin the several months of acceleration.

Meet the newest startups accepted to the Conector accelerator class of 2014:

ad4kids logo barcinnoAd4Kids – As the first and only mobile advertising network for kids, they assure content creators can reach youthful consumers in a safe and suitable manner.


chictravelling logo barcinnoChictravelling – This reverse search engine allows you to search for travels within your price range, time frame, and preferences, choosing a destination based on the  plausibility of those desires.


discover logo barcinnoDiscover – This is an online marketplace where you can plan exploration trips or sell such trips as an expert.


esportics logo barcinnoEsportics – eSportics offers a cloud software to organize, manage, promote and sell your athletic tournaments.


iglobalmed logo barcinnoiGlobalMed – As an online web portal, iGlobalMed provides patients with access to private medicine of the highest professional, technological and independent level.


kompyte logo barcinnoKompyte – Offering an alert system for tracking your competitors’ every move, campaign, or update to help you evaluate and respond


miottech logo barcinnoMIOTtech – Allows you to display a counter to demonstrate your business’s popularity on social networks


onyougo logo barcinnoOnyouGo – Onyougo is a social network about consumer electronics, offering services of price comparison, product features comparison and other information


regalamos logo barcinnoRegalamos –  This online platform allows you to organize a gift between the participants of your choice, as well as collect the money needed.


santafixie logo barcinnoSantafixie – a shop that sells fixed-gear and single-speed bicycles, as well as cycling accessories


singularu logo barcinnoSingularu – An online jewelry platform, this website allows you to create your own custom, personalized jewelry with the help of a professional jeweler.


tuandco logo barcinnoTuandCo – an online store designed to help you choose, buy and install a wide range of products from top brands to enhance your home.


ventus logo barcinnoVentus Technologies – Their main role in the world of technology is the optimization and performance monitoring of platforms based on dynamic web applications


viuing logo barcinnoViuing – Offering a device that allows you to witness events in real time without having to attend



zizerones logo barcinnoZizerones – This online platform helps you find the best locally guided tours for your experiential satisfaction through art, nature, culture, and cuisine.


Best of luck to these new companies – we look forward to following their growth throughout the Conector program!

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