Learn To Code In Barcelona: RailsCamp 9-Week Course

In an effort to satiate the ever-increasing demand for high-quality software engineers, a new programming school called RailsCamp is preparing to launch in Barcelona.  RailsCamp is an intensive 9-week web development course with one simple goal: to give you the equivalent skill set and experience of an entry-level Ruby on Rails developer.Learn to Code in Barcelona

RailsCamp is tailored towards beginners with no prior programming experience.  Over an intense nine-week timespan, students receive more than 500 hours of hands-on training, basically 55 hours a week not including home study.  The school employs an “explain-challenge-review” methodology that ensures an interactive teaching environment, however, the program doesn’t stop at just learning.  RailsCamp is collaborating with local companies and recruiting partners to help you find a new job before graduation.  They have already partnered with Teambox, Season and itnig here in Barcelona and they are building relationships with organizations throughout Europe.

RailsCamp Barcelona wants to teach Barcelona to codeEntrepreneur Philip De Smedt, founder of RailsCamp, believes that in the startup world many non-tech founders struggle to find the right technical partner and will benefit much more with direct knowledge of the development process.  In addition, those seeking a career change can get the necessary experience in about 2 months to make the jump.  Entry-level Ruby developers can expect salaries around €30k in Spain and up to €45k abroad.

RailsCamp is currently accepting applications for their first class beginning in January 2014 and a second batch starting next April.  RailsCamp hopes to provide the Barcelona tech ecosystem a new resource for hiring excellent junior developers and great training for future software entrepreneurs.

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