Call to Innovation: How To Solve Spain’s Greatest Challenges


Call to Innovation is a call for action. For the fourth time, Spain is gathering its future leaders and encouraging them to propose projects to resolve the country's biggest problems. Actually, not only in Spain, but from any country. In the future we can expect much more unemployment when jobs will become obsolete due to technology. Think about robotics and self-driving … [Read more...]

Discover Barcelona’s Educational Technology Startups

Educational Technology | Barcinno

In the summer of 2013, a design-oriented, multinational brand manager and ESADE MBA student named Louis Powell took a hard look at Barcelona's tech and startup ecosystem during an internship with itnig.  Over the next few weeks, Barcinno will publish his findings and opinions to encourage discussion and a reflection of our community as we head into the new year. Thank you to … [Read more...]

Learn To Code In Barcelona: RailsCamp 9-Week Course

Learn to Code in Barcelona

In an effort to satiate the ever-increasing demand for high-quality software engineers, a new programming school called RailsCamp is preparing to launch in Barcelona.  RailsCamp is an intensive 9-week web development course with one simple goal: to give you the equivalent skill set and experience of an entry-level Ruby on Rails developer. RailsCamp is tailored towards … [Read more...]

Watch Out For These 6 Barriers On The Road To Innovation

Barriers to innovation

It must be said:  At times, innovating can be quite frustrating. From adjusting prototypes to getting lost in the process and not having enough revenue streams to proceed, somewhere along the way you will likely be forced to face your mistakes and learn from them.  You may even be forced to alter your business plan or come up with something entirely new, all the while … [Read more...]

Land Ho! Unreasonable at Sea Docks In Barcelona


20 Mentors. 100 days. 1 ship. 13 countries. 11 ventures. 1 belief that entrepreneurship will change the world. This week, a ship containing 11 groundbreaking startups, 20 world-class mentors, and an alliance of multinational organizations will disembark in Barcelona to celebrate the conclusion of the world’s first oceanic experiment in radical social entrepreneurship.  Please … [Read more...]

Barcelona Time Banks Fuel Economic Growth

time banks

With the crisis, shrinking salaries, and high unemployment rate, people are searching for new systems to enrich their lives. The Time Bank, an alternative monetary system, is a great platform to start creating value and, even better, actively share your knowledge, expertise and capabilities. It fosters community and economic growth and stimulates caring and social connections, … [Read more...]

IE Venture Network Enters The Barcelona Ecosystem

IE Venture Network

The IE Venture Network is a forum for early stage entrepreneurs to engage with the local startup ecosystem, test their projects, and introduce themselves to local investors and advisors.  At Venture Lab’s headquarters, in the basement of the IE Business School in Madrid, this translates into a weekly pitch slam held every Thursday night.  They have created a welcoming and … [Read more...]

Wayra Announces New Partnership With Enternships To Create 130 Paid Internships Across Europe


Wayra announced today their newest partnership with London-based Enternships, a platform that connects students and graduates with opportunities working at a startup.  The program will begin by opening up 130 paid internship opportunities among Wayra startups starting in UK and Germany, and quickly expanding to include Spain, Ireland, and the Czech Republic.   The … [Read more...]

“IESE Meets The Valley” Sends Barcelona MBAs To Silicon Valley Next Week

Barcelona MBAs visit Silicon Valley

Back by popular demand, IESE is sending 25 of their future-MBAs off to Silicon Valley in the second annual edition of IESE Meets The Valley.  Initiated last year by Jeroen Kemperman, the purpose of the trip is to expose students to the Silicon Valley ecosystem and deepen their understanding of entrepreneurship. From March 25th to April 1st, students will drop in on … [Read more...]

Can Barcelona Create A Start-Up Common?

Peter Cohan

Peter Cohan, Boston-based Venture Capitalist, professor, and author, will be in Barcelona this week for EADA Business School’s annual International Week.  Peter has an extensive entrepreneurial background and currently writes weekly columns for both Forbes and Inc.  His most recent book, Hungry Startup Strategy, focuses on creating a successful start-up with limited … [Read more...]