Better Know A Startup: Icebergs

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time researching, whether it’s for writing an article, preparing a presentation, planning a trip or even for just figuring out what women want. There are a massive range of tools on the market, Evernote & Pinterest are just a few examples that help me bookmark and arrange my notes and pictures but when it comes to perusing this content to share with my team or family, it’s a mammoth of a task, i.e. not easy to find and share the information.Icebergs Post Image

So who’s gonna save the day I hear you scream?, that’s who. Like the name, these guys are big, bad, and tough (but actually NOT freezing). Don’t mess with them! They are going to smash a big Iceberg shaped hole into this creative sharing space. So what do they do that’s so magical? Like the existing tools on the market, Icerbegs lets you organize, upload and share items (Images, video, websites, notes, files etc) but they do it in way that actually makes sense, a way that makes it easy and pleasing to the eye to find and share the content you have previously compiled. They have been coined as the “Evernote for creative minds” but I think they are well on their own trajectory to fulfilling an existing need for creative professionals.

Their current product is geared towards designers, architects, filmmakers, journalists, basically anyone with a creative sensibility. While I don’t actually fall into any of the above categories, after playing with the product for a few weeks it’s definitely something that I’d use on a daily basis. On the collaborative sharing front, Icerbegs will really shine – for now you can share your icedrops and entire icebergs via mail, Twitter and Facebook, however the Icebergs team wil be releasing a major update in a couple months, giving you the ability to collaborate around teams with innovative new features and brand new designs.

Ultimately, Icebergs helps you organize your files in a smart and visual way; highlight, annotate, order and group any files with a simple drag and drop and also upload your own files from your desktop. For now the storage is limitless (hell yeah!), but restrictions will be implemented when they release the premium version.

Icebergs is co-founded by Albert Pereta and Cesar Isern, both design experts who, after consulting and helping startups between New York and Barcelona, decided it was time to ‘burn the ships down’ and start their own.

Download the widget, start bookmarking, and let Icebergs makes your lives easier, and your desktops more awesome. This is a private, personal and professional visual organizational tool and the mobile and tablet versions are on the way soon. Icebergs is currently in private beta but will be opening up very soon so if you want to see what’s under the surface then contact Albert here!




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