Icebergs 2: Creative Mind? Your Dream Has Just Come True

Today, the startup coined as “Evernote for creative minds” has rolled out Icebergs 2 in public beta with brand new features, team collaboration and premium plans.

Icebergs dark

Until now, Icebergs was offering a unique solution for creative professionals around the world but with the new version they’ve opened up the doors for entire teams and creative departments to make organizing their projects that much more simple and visually pleasing. It allows them to save, organize and collaborate the content they capture from the web (images, videos, text etc) including files and notes they can upload from the desktop.

“After receiving tons of feedback from users and creative teams from companies such as Google, Facebook, Ideo and thousands more, we decided to make Collaboration possible.” said Cesar Isern and Albert Pereta — Co-founders of Icebergs.

Key features of the new release include Team Collaboration where users can work in teams by inviting friends, colleagues or customers to view and edit the content. Premium plans are also part of this new release offering collaboration, more storage and extra features to pro users and teams. Icebergs 2 also includes new features for efficient organization and an improved interface making it even more intuitive for their users.

Thanks to the new release, Icebergs 2 offers an important and powerful tool for companies searching for ways to collaborate and organize their projects and content in an efficient, beautiful way that actually makes sense!

If you want a teaser before you get started, check out their video!

icebergs_logoAbout Icebergs

Icebergs is a Visual organization app for Creative minds. A private space in the cloud to save content from the web (images, videos, text, websites), upload files and write notes all together. Icebergs is the perfect tool to manage and organize your projects and collaborate with your team like never before.

Barcelona-based startup founded in 2013 by Albert Pereta & César Isern, Icebergs was created to solve the lack of visually engaging tools for organization. Until now in private beta, Icebergs is about to reach 1M items saved by its users. The startup has been funded by European angels and US investors.





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