Barcelona Startup Trip4Real Announces €1M Investment from Caixa Capital Risc and Kibo Ventures

Our good friends at Trip4real officially closed an investment round of €1.000.000 led by Spanish VCs Kibo Ventures and Caixa Capital Risc. The young startup has barely been in operation for a year, but has proven their model and established global partnerships with the likes of Airbnb and celebrity chef/endorsor Ferran Adriá.

Barcelona Startup Trip4real - Barcinno

Barcelona startup Trip4real closes a €1m round and expects 20x revenue growth in the next 6 months.

In Spain, Trip4real has become an increasingly popular way to experience a new city or holiday destination. Under the slogan, “I’m a traveler, not a tourist,” Trip4real offers a platform to connect directly with thousands of experienced local experts that can show you the lesser seen sides of a city beyond the touristic offerings. The menu of authentic experiences has exploded in the last 12 months to more than 2,500 unique activities and used by more than 10,000 people in Spain alone.

In addition to a peer-to-peer marketplace for travelers, Trip4real is also a burgeoning community of micro-entrepreneurs that are using the platform to create new activities and earn money when people buy their experiences. If Airbnb can make anyone a hotelier, Trip4real can make anyone an expert tour guide.  Offerings include wine tastings, street art tours, beach trips and cooking adventures – whatever your fancy, now you can earn money showing your skills to interested travelers.

Their rapid success came by catering to a new market of world travelers: tech-savvy adventurers that won’t settle for a one-size-fits-all vacation. The new social traveler wants a tailored experience, a chance see the city through a local’s eyes.  Apparently, it’s a growing market as Trip4plans on investing the new funds into rapid expansion. According to founder Gloria Molins, “we’re in a time of rapid growth and major corporations already trust us, it’s a groundbreaking project and a major step that will help us be more visible to our international audience, travelers and locals in each new city.”

The business model and press release point to 20x increase in revenues in the next 6 months. Not a bad forecast for the rest of 2014.

trip4 real meets airbnb

Barcinno covered Trip4real’s March 2014 trip to California called “SF4real”

We offer our congratulations and best of luck to the Trip4real team and look forward to watching this Catalan startup success story unfold!

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