Did You Hear? Barcelona Startup Icebergs Was Acquired By Pinterest

Barcelona startup Icebergs has been acquired by Pinterest. The founders, Cesar Isern and Albert Pereta, launched Icebergs last year to enable creative professionals to organize, share and collaborate on their projects in the cloud.


As an acquihire, the details of the transaction are a secret, however it does mean that Icerbergs as we know it will cease to exist on September 1st.  In two weeks, Albert, Cesar and their team will join Pinterest in San Francisco and offer their product development skills to the massive social platform. Albert Pereta, the co-founder of the company tweeted yesterday:

Barcelona startup Icebergs acquired by Pinterest - Barcinno

Icebergs was created to provide a private space in the cloud to save, organize and collaborate around the projects like never before. Its mission was to design a better experience for digital content organization. Here you can see the official statement from their homepage:

Dear Penguins,

Today we want to share some incredible news with you.

We’re thrilled to announce that Icebergs has been acquired by Pinterest!

Over a year ago, we set out to create a private space in the cloud for you to save, organize and collaborate around your projects like never before. We built Icebergs aiming to design a new and better experience on content organization.

We’ve gathered an amazing community along the way. We took care of every single detail and put our souls into it, but it was hundreds of thousands of creative minds around the world who trusted us and helped us grow beyond our expectations.

We are thrilled to be joining forces with the talented Pinterest team in San Francisco. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool people use to discover, save, and act upon the things they love, which makes it a perfect home for our experience in product and design, and in building Icebergs.

On Pinterest, there are tens of millions of people using the site to discover more than 30 billion Pins every day, and we can’t wait to use what we learned building Icebergs to help make their experience even better.

Sadly, Icebergs will be discontinued on September 1, 2014 — Together with its mobile app and services. But don’t worry, as of today, we offer all our users a few options to export their content until the day of closing.

A million thanks to all our Penguins, friends, family and the incredible Icebergs team for sharing with us this adventure. We look forward to meeting again. Stay cool!


César Isern and Albert Pereta

Co-founders, Icebergs

Congratulations to the Icebergs team and best of luck in San Francisco!

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