Microjob Platform Geniuzz Raises €200k from Cabiedes & Mola

Cabiedes & Partners has teamed up with the Mallorca-based accelerator Mola to inject €200k in seed capital into Geniuzz, the Spanish startup connecting freelancers to SMEs.  The microjob platform (formerly MyntMarket) was founded in 2011 by Pepe Cabestany and Gregorio Martin-Montalvo and incubated in Mola.  The platform has produced more than 15.000 transactions or “gigs” sold and claims more than 20.000 registered users since it’s launch 2 years ago. Geniuzz Microjobs Platform Receives €200k Investment

It works like this: Providers create a “gig” and post it to the forum.  They are notified by email every time a new order is made and can then communicate by chat or email with the buyer to confirm the order.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, buyers can request jobs by posting their specific needs on the ‘Muro de Deseos’.

The jobs are mostly digital in nature and vary from blog writing to translating services to social media marketing with a prices range typically between €5-20.  It sounds small, but when you can market your offering to the entire (Spanish speaking) world it adds up.  It’s a feedback-driven system so early adopters can build a solid reputation and use the platform as a steady income stream. 

It’s also another sign of the strengthening collaborative consumption trend taking hold in Spain’s startup scene.  As the number of unemployed and underemployed people working from home is increasing, these types of mini-job and freelancing platforms are becoming more and more popular.  Existing sites like Fivrr are continuing to expand and attract new investment.  People that provide consistent service on these platforms can build a loyal customer base enabling them to build a personal brand and become micro-entrepreneurs.

The founders plan on investing the new funds to improve platform usability and raise awareness through online marketing campaigns.  It’s already the largest microjobs platform in both Spain and Latin America and they are in a key position to take advantage if the market for these services continues to grow.


  1. says

    Hace un día que me he registrado en Geniuzz, y la verdad es que me va gustando mucho el diseño, y todo.

    Ya que hay muchas similares pues me gusta geniuzz más que las otras.



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