Meet The 7 Barcelona Startups Pitching To Startup World (Part 2)

Startup World selected seven finalists to pitch their idea on stage in the Barcelona Activa Auditorium. And what happened? The auditorium was too small. People were standing to be inspired by the pitches and learn from the jury’s feedback, so that is already a success before even getting started.  With the help of Barcelona-based Startup World advisor Jeroen Kemperman, the following local judges were present: Walter Joosten (Tengo un Negocio), Jeff Robinson (Chief Evangelist, Webtradex), José L Castaños (Presence Technology) and Sergio Perez Merino (Caixa Capital Risc).They had the task of deciding which Barcelona startup would best pitch it’s idea and represent Barcelona against 20 other cities in Silicon Valley. For this they made use of the following five criteria:Startup World Barcelona Pitch Competition

  1. how innovative/ disruptive is the idea?
  2. how scalable is the technology?
  3. how innovative is the pitch?
  4. how large is the global reach?
  5. how large is the human impact?

Let the pitches begin:

  • BidAway the excess capacity in tourism to get the best deal. Fill the empty spots. Unique: you determine your own price. Action based. Groupon watch out!
  • Ludium.  One platform to play social games on any mobile device, anywhere. Tool to empower mobility. B2B2C
  • Cl3ver : Bring 3D to the web. Offer: 3D editor to make interaction on the web. Why? Create engagement. Nice: Disney is interested. B2B
  • Nutrino : The personal digital nutritionist . Recommendations on food and achieving your health goals. Push the button and get your customized meal plan. Food revolution.
  • Infantium: Adaptive learning platform providing digital solutions for parents and teachers to find top of the best for their kids . Education revolution.
  • Audiosnaps: Pictures with music. The ultimate way to remember the moment. The next paradigm in photography.
  • OnFan: Take a bite. Save time deciding what to eat and where to eat. Collect your dishes, chefs and friends/critics and rely on their advice.

First of all, a big compliment for getting out there and sharing your projects. Startup World said that the pitches were better than in London and can compete with Paris. But it appeared to be very hard for the Spanish entrepreneurs to stay within the three minute time limit, as some easily stretched to 4 or even 5 minutes. Be careful with that as other judges may not be so lenient.  Hermoine has also noticed a big difference between American entrepreneurs and those around the rest of the world. “Americans stand up, shake their fists, and sell their idea. And don’t be afraid to do so.”  When you are preparing your own pitch, have a look at these suggestions from the judges:

  • Explain the market and why the product is needed, because (sometimes) the guys with the money aren’t that technical.
  • Don’t forget to tell them how the money will be earned, what is the revenue model? A pitch is about selling.
  • Don’t be defensive when you get feedback, embrace the advice you receive.
  • Use a question in your pitch to involve the audience: Does anyone have …?
  • For a three minute pitch a Powerpoint, Prezi or Movie isn’t necessary.

Reflecting on the pitches, I came to the following story. It is all about apps and senses. Helping us to experience and have a better, easier, more beautiful life. Through Audiosnaps you can make life into a moving picture, which will make that moment unforgettable: Those lilacs over the veranda, the song of the love birds, that nice little picturesque restaurant, suggested to you by friends on Onfan and which you could book on Bidaway, because otherwise you couldn’t afford this classy restaurant. You know the food won’t harm you, because it applies to all your personal requirements as set in Nutrino. Your children are occupied at home through Infantium which runs on a Ludium platform, so you are assured that they don’t do stupid things and see unrealistic stuff, because Cl3ver made it in 3D. Now you  can really enjoy the moment with your beloved one, there is absolutely nothing to disturb or spoil the moment.  Isn’t that a nice wholistc picture?  Wouldn’t you just love to live this way?

But there can only be one winner, so they can tell their story overseas. And the winner is Nutrino. They address a large market and have social involvement. It’s an innovative approach to a traditional market. We all want to be healthy. Barcelona is known for it good food, and now more than ever, it must be heathy as well. And the best compliment of judge Jeff: “I buy into people and you have convinced me.” Nutrino all the luck in the world. Rock the diet, the USA needs a food revolution!

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