How NOT to pitch your startup

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Steve Zucker-Page from Silicon Valley. He is the founder of Binipple and has just moved to Spain to launch the European operations from the Haleblazer accelerator in Barcelona. If you have any questions for Steve then please send them to

Don't pitch your startup like this!

Nice to meet you Steve, you have 30 seconds to tell me what your company does.

We are a real time, local, geo-Relocated, social app located in the clouds. We are like Google meets Yahoo meets Bing for social luxury things but without the search. You can connect with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest and all of those big companies. We are basically creating a social community of sassy interactions where peers can well connect with other peers and ummm interact. Ah and it’s for both enterprise and consumer markets.

Right… I’m not sure I’m with you but as we are pressed for time let’s move onto the next question. Who is your target audience?

It’s maybe a little hard to believe but anyone who lives within a radius of 100,000 miles of anyone currently using the app is a potential customer. It turns out that this accounts for about 99% of the population, and they all earn over 100k per year. I couldn’t believe it when I first heard it myself but your can’t argue with facts. Wikipedia doesn’t lie.

You guys have a very unique UI. How did you come up with the inspiration?

We are all about the user experience 3.0. It’s all about thinking, “What would Steve Jobs want?” and then not doing that. We try to incorporate nature and urban living into our design by looking at it from a different perspective, it’s like, “How can we make this homepage feel like living on the streets while remaining free and simple like a blade of grass?” Our designers really understand how to communicate with the pixels to make them explode in a plethora of dancing colors on the page. We use all the webs favorite technologies such as geotagging, crowd funding, reflexive sites, ipads and symbolic systems. It’s all new generation stuff.

What programming language does your team use?

We are really psyched by Python on Rails, RSS, API and XYZ. We keep samurai swords, guitars and black belts in the office so our developers stay motivated and feel at home. It’s all about letting them feel free to roam in their true environment.

Don’t you mean Ruby on Rails?

Ah yeah, that’s the one. We really love it.

How are you marketing your product?

We are really into the fads of microblogging, influencers and virility. We have some great influencers like this friend of a guy who met Sergy Brin at Coachella festival a few years back. He has tweeted 3 times about us. We are really viral as well, it turns out that every user is inviting an average of 3000 friends, which means we should have about 6 million users in 4 months.

Where are you guys currently based?

We started in an incubator in Silicon Valley and then we went to an accelerator in New York and now we are going to another accelerator in Spain, this is actually a key part of our business model.

How are you going to monetize your product?

We like to think of monetizing our product as a journey, we stop off at a few gas stations, have a drink or two and one day we will get there. We ultimately want to think of ourselves as a kind of charity where our users donate when they feel like it. It’s a win-win drill down approach for the users and us. It’s all about the low hanging fruit.

Are you doing any fundraising?

We do some crowd funding with our family and neighborhood friends. Up until now we have raised smart money, Tony’s mum in specific put in a few bucks. She knows social media like Facebook really well so can definitely help out. We also just found out that we have some new credit cards so we are pretty stoked about that.

Do you have any traction so far?

We have pivoted about 15 times in the last 2 weeks and are actually still in BETA but we estimate we will have €1.5 million revenue in 4 months. We know exactly what our users want so we don’t want to launch until the product is totally finished.

And finally, can you tell us a little bit about the company culture?

Our company mantra is “Excellence, Fairness, Transparency”. It’s all about standing back in the corner of the room and saying “is this excellent, fair and transparent?”, and if it’s not, then we sometimes just carry on.

Also if you know anyone in Techcrunch or The Next Web please tell them about us, we really want them to write an article about our company. To all the readers of this article, please sign up today as we need users!




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