Startup Weekend Barcelona: 54 Hours To Feed Your Inner-Entrepreneur!

Startup Weekend Barcelona 2014 - Barcinno

What can you possibly learn in 54 hours? Have you ever dreamed of stepping into the shoes an entrepreneur? Maybe you have a million dollar idea and you want to validate it? Or possibly you're searching for a cofounder to make your product come to life? Welcome to the adventurous world of Startup Weekend Barcelona! Step 1:  60 sec. Pitching - (usually on Friday … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Mint Labs


Health has been on the agenda for some time and it’s shaping up to be a year for some heavy disruption in the sector. Understandably, health startups present an opportunity to reduce costs for medicals systems that often use antiquated methods for diagnosing and treating diseases. With the rise of collaboration tools, doctors across the world can more easily access and share … [Read more...]

Quitting, Sucking and Failing Your Way to a Better Life

Michael-wolfe barcelona

Last Tuesday, the Barcelona Internet Startups (BIS) group hosted their final major event of 2013 at Garrigues Law with a presentation from entrepreneur Michael Wolfe titled Quitting, Sucking, and Failing Your Way to a Better Life. In front of a packed international audience, Wolfe shared his first-hand insights as a serial entrepreneur and founder in Silicon Valley and … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Marfeel


Most content based websites don’t have a responsive website let alone a smartphone or iPad app. So when it comes to viewing your favourite content on mobile devices such as smartphones or iPad’s the viewing experience is usually shit - a duplicate (and awkward) version of what you see on your desktop browser. Readers not being able to digest the content they want and … [Read more...]

Smadex Raises €1 Million From Cabiedes, Trovit, 101 Startups & Various Biz Angels


Smadex, the innvotaive platform that uses artificial intelligence to optimize the way that advertisers and agencies create and distribute rich media advertising on smartphones or tablets, has just raised a €1 Million round from Cabiedes, Trovit, 101 Startups, various Business Angels and public funds. This follows the previous round of €600.000 euros from Highgrowth in … [Read more...]

Better Know A Startup: CogniCor


Let’s face it; complaint resolution is one of the key pillars to the success of any service-based business. What differentiates a good company from the rest is how they deal with their customers' problems. Get it right and you have a loyal customer base.  However, get it wrong and say goodbye world domination. How many of you can actually say that the customer service you … [Read more...]

Why You Should Startup in Barcelona: Stewart Masters Interviews Himself


In a rare and exclusive interview with myself, I reveal how Barcelona is evolving into a dynamic tech hub, why Spanish people drink beer for breakfast and also unveil the truth about my Hollywood romance with Jessica Biel. There shall be no more secrets shrouded in the dark… WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE AND WORK IN BARCELONA? Barcelona is like an estranged girlfriend to me. … [Read more...]

Better Know A Startup: PASSNFLY


Like me, I’m sure one of your most precious resources is time. Working and travelling like a Spartan means that sometimes you get to the airport without having checked in. There is a massive queue and the clock is ticking. Yep it’s horribly annoying. Instead of whipping out your cumbersome sword and taking a few heads in typical Spartan fashion, you can take out your smartphone … [Read more...]

9 Reasons Why You SHOULD Work At A Startup

9 Reasons To Work At A Startup

A few weeks back, I brought to light some of the realities about startup life in my article highlighting what some might say to be the negative sides of working in a startup environment. Even so, I’m an advocate for people having startup experience, as it can be one of the most challenging and rewarding professional and personal experiences you'll have. Hence, below … [Read more...]

Better Know A Startup: Bidaway


With over 250,000 unoccupied beds in 4 to 5 star hotels in Spain every day, and more than €2 billion spent on the hotel sector annually, the market is still one tough nut that needs to be cracked. With peer-to-peer platforms such as Airbnb and Homeaway taking the limelight, hotels are feeling the pressure like never before. BidAway, the brainchild of four IESE Business … [Read more...]