This Friday: Startup Beach Volleyball @ Bogatel Barcelona Beach

Beach volleyball

The best way for building relationships is to share an experience. Living in Barcelona with the all those beaches in our backyard, what’s better than having a Startup Beach Volleyball tournament. Not the regular networking over a beer (although there will be drinks) but working on team spirit, a healthy competition but above all making fun with your colleagues and other … [Read more...]

Inspired by the Fina World Championships: What if we could swim in the air?

FINA Swimming Championships Barcelona

The Fina World Championships are in Barcelona. Palau Sant Jordi is packed with swimming fanatics from all over the world. In the clear sparkling water the athletes compete. The press area is enormous, but still the journalists line up and push each other aside to get their microphone upfront. What if Barcinno was part of it and had the opportunity to ask some questions to the … [Read more...]

OP/ED: Why I Love (And Hate) Barcelona Summers

Why I love (and hate) Barcelona in the Summer

How great is summer? It’s holiday time, the sun is shining, your shorts are on and you’re feeling spicy, you’re pouring back the Mojitos on the beach without fear of being considered a raging alcoholic, you feel unproductive at work (but that’s okay as everyone else does too), your city becomes saturated with semi-naked people (and fully naked ones at the beach – ok maybe … [Read more...]

The 5 Most Annoying Pieces Of Startup Advice


I read a great piece by Ev Williams last week on why ‘All the Startup Advice You Read is Wrong (But you should read some anyway)’ which examines why most of the advice you come across isn’t applicable to your business. The problem is that startups are undeniably complicated and unpredictable beasts. With so many uncontrollable variables at hand, most advice that intends … [Read more...]

The Next Web Barcelona Extravaganza Pics

TNW @ Barcelona Summer Extravaganza 2013

Congratulations to The Next Web's Robin Wauters and Barcelona.IO on a great event and a big thanks to Estrella Damm for offering their amazing venue packed with all the damm Estrella we could drink!  What a great celebration and a toast to the future of the Barcelona tech ecosystem.  Here a few pics from the cheap seats.  Cheers! … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss The Next Web Barcelona Summer Extravaganza 2013

TNW @ Barcelona Summer Extravaganza 2013

Get yer popcorn ready for The Next Web Barcelona Summer 2013 Extravaganza next Thursday at the amazing Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm venue near the Sagrada Família.  Somehow, some way, they keep coming up with funky new speakers like every single day.  Seriously though, anyone interested in catching the pulse of the Barcelona startup scene should not miss this event.  Did I … [Read more...]

Why You Should Startup in Barcelona: Stewart Masters Interviews Himself


In a rare and exclusive interview with myself, I reveal how Barcelona is evolving into a dynamic tech hub, why Spanish people drink beer for breakfast and also unveil the truth about my Hollywood romance with Jessica Biel. There shall be no more secrets shrouded in the dark… WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE AND WORK IN BARCELONA? Barcelona is like an estranged girlfriend to me. … [Read more...]

When You Work At Startup Gets Some Love

When You Work At A Startup

In true 'Eff It, It's Friday' fashion - we got nothing. Weddings and travel and work have team Barcinno coming up empty on this last day of May.  So one more time for good measure we want to give a shout to our little side project that could: When You Work At A Startup.  WYWAAS got some major love this week when VentureBeat blasted it out to the world and put the little guy … [Read more...]

11 Visual Reminders Of Why You Live in Barcelona

Barceloneta Beach

It's Friday, and being the rebels that we are, we feel the need to do unconventional things to help reignite that tempestuous spark in each and every one of us. So, let's take a mini-break from the daily grind and have a little visual holiday through the streets of Barcelona. For all of you that live in Barcelona, this is a quick reminder of why you live here, and for all … [Read more...]

When You Work At A Startup Tumblr Blog

Working at a startup

As part of our retroactively prolific "Fudge it, it's Friday" sessions, we have the great pleasure to announce our newest addition. I hope you are ready as this one is going to be a blast. Drum roll, da da da daaaa…. Without further ado, Barcinno presents "When You Work At A Startup" - CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE! We'll do our best to keep it updated with fresh, hilarious … [Read more...]