Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Wefitter (@WeFitter)

Can someone remind me why I go through the pain of pushing myself to exercise every night? I’m sure there was something more to it than burning calories and de-stressing to avoid mid-day meltdowns. Oh that’s it; I have thousands of Nike fuel points, awesome! But what can I do with them exactly? Exchange them for gold bullion? Doesn’t seem so…

Over a year ago the founders of Wefitter, Roger del Sol and Carlos Rodés, both exercise madmen, saw that they had accumulated obscene amounts of points on various apps and devices such as Nike, Runkeeper, Endomondo, Fitbit, Runtastic, and feeling that the reward from the tribe didn’t quite cut it, they decided to put that sweat and tears to some good use.

wefitter app

This energetic Barcelona startup aims to reward anyone who participates in sports and who abides by a healthy regime. “We want to be a platform that values ​​and rewards your daily exercise. In fact, it’s right there in our name: “We are more fit.” One of our main objectives is that our rewards always be associated — directly or indirectly — with either sports, health, or sustainability”, says Roger.

So what type of rewards are we talking about? “Users can exchange points for access to special promotions, aid social causes, get access to special sales  and everything is quite rightly 100% related to sports, sustainability, health and well being. Now don’t go thinking all ‘Groupony’ or discount site on us now. That’s not the angle Wefitter’s going for. “We’re not interested in becoming an open marketplace where any company can promote themselves regardless of their product or service. In fact, we want to give our users the peace of mind that the rewards we offer all come from partners who share our respect for the environment and society” affirms Carlos.


The products is extrenmely easy to use, select from and sync one of the tracking apps you currently use (Nike, Runkeeper, Endomondo, Fitbit, Runtastic, Garmin, Moves, etc) to start gaining points and don’t forget that points mean prizes. “We want to bring you fresh, new, and exciting products and services while specifically avoiding discontinued products and outlet goods to ensure users are getting the latest and greatest to keep you highly motivated”, says Roger.

There are similar platforms in the States that have gained a lot of attention such as but Europe is yet to see a contender. You can check out the current beta version or wait until September for the full release.

So if you need that little bit of extra motivation to get yourself off the couch, then Wefitter yourself up!

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