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My wife asks me on a regular basis what I’d like her to pick up for me at the supermarket (yes I’m a lucky guy). She doesn’t eat meat and I never have any fresh inspiration of what to cook for myself. Half of the time I tell her we need nothing (when we most definitely do) and the other half I’m reciting the same unexciting list of ingredients. No surprise that every time I open the fridge, I bark at my wife “Why is there nothing in the fridge? I can’t cook anything” and end up cooking the same lack lusting dishes. This is without doubt, totally not my fault. As I’m a good many years away from having my own personal chef, I need to find a way to stimulate my shopping list.

Having experienced the same problem and on top of that a lot of food waste, the team at Rock Your Meal developed a solution to help shop smarter and to create more exciting dishes. Founder & CEO Marco Tsitselis describes Rock Your Meal as “the solution to shopping smarter and cooking better, in order to enjoy original meals and decrease waste, saving time and money”.


By simply typing tin the ingredients you have on hand, the site will suggest a variety of different dishes (including links to videos on how to make them). “Rock your Meal is a semantic search engine that suggests you new recipes, doable with the ingredients you have at home, recipes that you are not used to, customized to your tastes and habits”, says Marco. “We customize our suggestions to our user’s tastes and habits so that they’ll find themselves easily using what they always purchase in new tasty ways”.

Coming soon they will be adding a shopping list generator which will automatically show you the best alternative ingredients you can also pick up to spice up your meals. “We generate a shopping list automatically to provide our users with alternative ingredients based on price and quality, searching for the best geolocalized real time offers. We make it possible for the user to buy his groceries in a few clicks at the best price.” adds Marco.

RockYourMeal CEO

“The 3 Minute Elevator Pitch at Social Media #Trainwrx Meetup”

“We start helping people with their daily food intake and teaching them how to cook better. We aim at managing the shopping process to tell them where to buy their food supplies, based on habits, price and quality: an ecosystem of consumers and distributors that match them depending on users needs. We’re want to be leader in Spain in 3 years and in Europe by the end of the 5th year. We’ll consider the possibility to be acquired by a major US competitor in the future” affirms Marco.

The Barcelona startup launched on January 14th 2014 with their initial MVP and have since rolled out the core product with new updates every 2 weeks. The startup is still honing its product and is preparing for a fundraising round to step up the pace.

If you’re looking to spice up your palate then check them out here.


Image credit:  “The 3 Minute Elevator Pitch at Social Media #Trainwrx Meetup



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