Better Know A #Barcelona #Startup: Kompyte (@Kompyte)

As founders, we all have those moments where we go a little batshit crazy over the competition. We waste too much time researching and focusing on what our competitors are doing rather than on the goals of our own company. That’s why the folks at Kompyte have just rolled out a series of tools that help monitor the online activity of your competition allowing you to save time and make strategic decisions based on said data.

The platform, which is headed up by CEO Pere Codina, allows companies to assess different elements of their competitions activity in real time. The clear benefit here is that this competitive intelligence presented automatically in one single platform will save you a lot of time and allow you to respond rapidly to your competitors’ online strategies.


“Kompyte reinvents they way companies compete on the Internet allowing you to monitor all online channels. Now they can be more efficient: in real time”, says Pere, CEO.  “Instead of wasting hours visiting your competitors websites, social media, ads and so forth, Komptye houses all of this information in one platform”, he adds.

The tools allows you to monitor any changes in channels such as web content, social media, SEO/SEM and can even notify you when new players emerge onto the market and how you benchmark against them.

The Barcelona startup is currently being accelerated in Conector and although in the early stages, the tool is already making significant progress . To compete in today’s world you need to have all of the tools at your disposal and Kompyte will help keep you one step ahead.

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