Better Know A #Barcelona #Startup: Megafounder (@megafounder)


It’s clear that there is something special about crowdfunding dynamics; a group of passionate people coming together to help bring projects to life. Whether it’s the coolest cooler in the world or even some dude making a potato salad for the masses, people around the world are prepared to invest in projects they really believe in. When campaigns succeed, backers get exclusive … [Read more...]

Better Know A #Barcelona #Startup: Kompyte (@Kompyte)


As founders, we all have those moments where we go a little batshit crazy over the competition. We waste too much time researching and focusing on what our competitors are doing rather than on the goals of our own company. That’s why the folks at Kompyte have just rolled out a series of tools that help monitor the online activity of your competition allowing you to save time … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Adverway @Adverway


Marketing’s not all fun and games, but it certainly can include them. With the growth of the web and the decrease in our attention spans (*opens Facebook tab*), social games have snuck on to brand media plans. They’re smart ways to entertain and engage—players spend an average of 7 to 30 minutes on an advergame. They’re also expensive. That amount of time holds a lot of value. … [Read more...]

Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Unique Visitors (@UVisitors)


Classic museums often exude a sense of antique romance, peaceable calm and opulence, not ideally suited for all mankind who at times can feel a certain disconnect to the canvas, tapestries and sculptures that materialize on the laterals. Not just that, most museums are massive. As popular culture calls for us to say we have been there are done it all, we skip gleefully from … [Read more...]

ClubKviar Picks Up €700K Seed Round To Expand In Europe


Wining and dining in top restaurants is great, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love trying new creative cuisine and being waited on hand and foot? However, going out to try new restaurants every night isn’t for the feint of wallet. Thanks to the rise of daily deal and restaurant reservation sites, finding a good deal is easier than before but when you’re busy as hell, spending hours … [Read more...]

Barcelona Startup CL3VER Lands Major US Client Autodata Solutions

Barcelona startup Cl3ver signs Autodata Solutions - Barcinno

Barcelona startup CL3VER, a leading creative publishing platform for interactive 3D on web and mobile, has been selected by Autodata Solutions to provide interactive 3D experiences as part of its IT solutions to the automotive industry. “CL3VER’s innovative cloud platform will enable Autodata Solutions to incorporate interactive 3D into its comprehensive shopping tools, … [Read more...]

Barcelona Startup Treeveo Closes A New Type Of Angel Round


It’s no secret that raising money for high-growth ventures in Spain is a monumental task, especially at the seed level.  Whether from the lack of experienced angel investors or the competition from the explosion of new startups in a down economy, getting that crucial angel investment can sometimes seem like mission impossible.  That’s why Barcelona startup Treeveo decided to … [Read more...]

Barcelona Startup Teambox Raises $5M And Moves Their HQ’s To The US

Teambox raises €5 and moves headquarters to the USA

“Good to start, bad to grow.”  That’s becoming the unfortunate modus operandi of Spain, at least when it comes to building companies.  Barcelona startup Teambox, a cloud-based collaboration and communications company, just closed a $5 million Series A round, and in the process moved their headquarters from Spain to the United States.  As of this week, Teambox is officially a … [Read more...]