15 Signs That You May Have Startup-Itis

Are you a startup old-timer? Does your iPhone have to be surgically removed before bed? Measure yourself against these 15 telltale symptoms of Startup-itis:

  1. You’re banned from using words such as ‘Incubator’, ‘Burn Rate’ and ‘Traction’ at homeentrepreneurs getting carried away
  2. You pivot uncontrollably throughout the day
  3. You can’t comprehend anything that isn’t lean
  4. Your startup names become more obscure to the point that no one can pronounce them
  5. Your friends have no idea what you do anymore
  6. You have a nervous twitch and are nearly blind
  7. You still think you and Mark Zuckerberg will be best friends one day
  8. You get better at crying
  9. You use the word ‘social’ more than 20 times a day
  10. You think it’s outrageous for your startup to belong anywhere but the top right hand corner of a matrix chart
  11. A billion dollars seems relative
  12. You’re not interested in what anyone says unless its about tech, innovation, or startups
  13. You pitch everyone you meet and also try to hire them
  14. You know what PHP, WYSIWYG, Refuctoring, Nopping and ROR mean
  15. Your profile picture is a digitally illustrated self-portrait or a picture of you holding a microphone

So, how did you all score peeps? You got hit with a bad case of Startup-itis, didn’t you?  Let us know in the comments and don’t be scared to leave any additional symptoms we may have missed. We won’t judge.

Happy Friday and good weekend to y’all, adios, ciao, bonna nuit!

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