Ripples, and The Real-life Effects of Startup Hype (part 1 of 3)

Startup Hype Barcinno

Most trends and waves run the same course. A few crazy visionaries start it, followed by innovators and early adopters, and then the big ones eventually reach the tipping point, spilling over into mainstream consumerism. They become well known and available to the masses - think last autumn’s high street fast fashion punk inspiration overload - and in the same time somewhat … [Read more...]

Equity Crowdfunding in Spain: 6 Things Every Investor Should Consider

Equity Crowdfunding in Spain Barcinno

Investing through crowdfunding sites is growing increasingly popular around the world. In Spain alone there are more than 10 platforms focusing on equity investments. If you’re thinking about investing through crowdfunding, here are some key points to consider. 1. With risk there’s reward: Investing in early stage businesses has the potential for great returns. NESTA, … [Read more...]

Why Tel Aviv Is A Great Place For Barcelonians To Start-Up


This is a guest post by Hanan Lavy, Director of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Tel Aviv. Prior to joining Microsoft, Hanan founded several startups and was the Director of Software R&D at Mercury (acquired by HP for $4.7B). Hanan is going to be speaking at a meetup in Barcelona on Friday at 2pm in Torres Diagonal Litoral, Carrer de Josep Pla, 2, Edificio B3, Planta 6 … [Read more...]

Think global, act local reflections

Barefoot Running Barcinno

Last week, the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations (WCPUN) organized a multi-stakeholder platform to dialogue on the topic of local innovation for global sustainable development challenges. Citizen participation is a central tool and mechanism for the WCPUN. The objective was to discuss challenges and get local input for the global agenda, debate and connect minds … [Read more...]

Choose Wisely: How To Build A Healthy Startup Team

Startup Teamwork - Barcinno

Xanthomonas axonopodis: a disease affecting citrus trees that can affect the vitality of the entire citrus grove, also known as citrus canker. Have you ever picked up an orange and noticed some discoloration on the peel but decided to eat it anyways? So you eat this orange, but you know you looked at the piece of fruit beforehand and questioned it, even if it was ever so … [Read more...]

7 Tips On How To Manage A Startup Board


MVP, bootstrapping, honing the product, now we’re raising money, hiring a team, managing the accounts, marketing, customer interaction, shit I forgot about the cleaning the office and what, now I have to manage a board of directors? If you decide to take the fundraising route then sooner or later you will have to assume the task of managing a motley crew of board members who … [Read more...]

Make Your Startup Go Viral: The Secrets Behind Viral Loops Revealed

Viral loops, startups

I want to make my startup go viral. I beg it of you; please shower me with your dark magic secrets to customer acquisition. What is it that makes startups such as Quizup grow from zero to 3 million users in less than 3 weeks? What kind of skullduggery is this? Are you Gandalf? Sound familiar? Maybe not in that fashion but you get my point. With fierce competition and … [Read more...]

5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Joining A Startup


Being able to build something you love  that has the potential to change the world (whether for good or evil) coupled with the potential to amass some serious wealth is why we are seeing an increasing amount of the workforce jump ship and paddle off to startup land. Corporates are facing the realization that their jobs that were once so safe and secure are actually not. And … [Read more...]

Software Developers: Hire Local or Outsource Abroad?


In an ideal world, your initial founding team would consist of a highly experienced full stack engineer, a product visionary and someone with business acumen. As life doesn’t always hand out the perfect situation on a silver platter, we sometimes have to take alternative routes to achieve our wildest goals.  That’s why sometimes we outsource. Yeah you heard me. I said it. I … [Read more...]

Why Startup Job Titles Mean Diddly-Squat

Startup job titles

Supreme leader, Chief of staff, President, believe me I’ve met them all. I’m not referring to my previous life as an international figurehead, but rather to the many and oh so varied startup job titles I’ve come across. Although these commanding titles are better suited for the military/political world, I’m seeing them adopted by startup teams, ever so slightly distorting the … [Read more...]