Rising Barcelona Startup Akamon Takes Aim At $2.5B Market

With the continued success of Social Point and the newly minted Akamon Entertainment, anyone would think Barcelona has become a hub for social gaming. Vicenç Martí, CEO and Co-founderBarcelona’s Akamon Entertainment is recognized as an international player in the social gaming field, specializing in casino and traditional games owning over 35 titles such as Poker, Dominoes, Roulette and Tarot. Dominating the Southern European and Latin markets, Akamon offers its games through its own site, on Facebook and also partner sites, “localizing” the games to adapt to local versions of the game dynamics. While maintaining around 80% of the games originality, this manipulation has helped them tap more deeply into such markets. Akamon also incorporates local games into its portfolio each time it enters a new market. “The geographical focus and specialization in traditional and casino games have been key to achieving continual growth in the user base”, CEO Vicenç Martí affirms.

Having recently launched their first mobile game, Bingo Rider, Akamon hopes to strengthen their position in Latin America where mobile is predominantly used over Desktop. According to Martí, “the launch of Bingo Rider and 5 other games throughout 2013 is the first step to turn Akamon into a mobile first company and will allow Akamon to consolidate its position as a main player in social gaming throughout the company’s natural markets”.

Having recently raised a hefty first round of 2.8 million euros from Axon Partners, Bonsai Venture Capital and other investors, Akamon is on a hiring mission and aims to grow the team from around 70 to nearly 100 by the end of this year. Expansion to Mexico and Colombia is also likely with Martí saying that he wants to double the revenue to over $16 million by the end of 2013. Currently the company has over 10 million users but expect that number to also double in the next 5 months. According to Martí, “we will see more investment in new products and more focus on driving the mobile side of the business.”

Akamon is no stranger to the winners podium having taken prizes for the Best Startup in Online Games at Games Beat 2012, and “Rising Star” at the EGR Operator Awards 2012, where Bingo was accredited as “Best Social Bingo Product of the Year”.

With the social casino market projected to be valued at around $2.5 billion by 2015, and around 20% of that coming from Europe at LatAm, things should get very interesting for this Barcelona startup! If you dare, check out some of their addictive games here.

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