BrandCont Raises Funding from 500 Startups, Inception Capital and Angels

500 Startups, Inception Capital and a bunch of well known business angels have invested into BrandCont, the innovative marketplace for native advertising.


The Spanish startup, based out of Bilbao and Madrid, has just arrived to California where the online publicity platform will offer an innovative solution to brands and media channels to develop native publicity strategies or “branded content”.

The company, launched 2 months ago, has closed deals with various media outlets and has varios campaigns in production with Spanish and international companies.

BrandCont, with offices in Bilbao and Madrid has closed the first round of financing which is led by 500 Startups, Inception Capital and various business angles linked to the media indsurty.

The prestigious accelerator 500 Startups has included BrandCont in their acceleration program which gives them access to top level mentors and advisors from Silicon Valley.

“500 startups is a partner that all entrepreneurs would love to have. For BrancCont it’s a huge recognition for all of the had work put into this project”, assures Gorka Muñecas, the CEO and founder of BranCont from their new offices Mountain View in California.

Original Source: Eureka Startups


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