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Classic museums often exude a sense of antique romance, peaceable calm and opulence, not ideally suited for all mankind who at times can feel a certain disconnect to the canvas, tapestries and sculptures that materialize on the laterals. Not just that, most museums are massive. As popular culture calls for us to say we have been there are done it all, we skip gleefully from museum hall to hall and if we are fast enough we might just see it all. When we break through the finish line, we’re exhausted, can’t remember a fraction of what we’ve seen and are most likely in need of some serious libations.

Unique visitors app

An arguably more pleasant experience would be a private tour led by an expert who would give us an insight into a small selection of interesting pieces but this isn’t exactly accessible to the masses (i.e. it’s not free!). Unique Visitors, founded by culture lover Ana Luisa Basso and experienced web designer Felipe Becker hopes to solve this problem by allowing people to curate and share their own guides to visit a museum. Barcelona startup, Unique Visitors empowers users to curate the museum content, so that creating a custom tour is as simple as creating a playlist on Spotify. Drag and drop baby! By crowdsourcing content curation they generate a huge variety of tours (some by art experts and others by normal folk), so next time you visit a museum you will be able to choose a guide based on your interests, mood, time and availability. Nice huh?

The mobile app prototype, available for download in Google Play, was awarded as Best App (popular vote) and Most Innovative Concept (by the judges) at the Apps&Cultura contest promoted by the Cultural Institute of Barcelona City Council (ICUB) and apart from being sexy it’s mighty simple to use.

From a museums perspective, it’s a win-win. They receive a new digital public, increase the frequency of visits and are able to analyze their audience thus giving them valuable insights into

Unique Visitors will be releasing multi-platform beta version on April so we welcome you to register as a beta-tester by clicking right about nearly that’s it here

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