Better Know A Barcelona Startup: SocialWin (@SocialWinApp)

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies have an online presence on at least one social media platform, 93% of marketers use social media for business and 62% of B2B marketers have generated leads through Facebook.

Companies across the globe are betting more and more on social networks however when evaluating the results and effectiveness of their strategies, it can be difficult to measure and to fully comprehend what needs to be done to have more impact. Big data, compression and analysis are becoming a standard for for companies that want to generate greater engagement with its users.

But, what’s the problem? The data comes from different platforms (Facebook , Twitter , Youtube, Instagram, Google+ , Pinterest, LinkedIn etc), in different formats, and with incomplete insights. Ultimately, in a world of big data it can be difficult to acquire and process the correct information making it tricky for community managers and marketers to really understand if they information they are assimilating has any real actionable value.

Thomas Bartczak & Encarna Segura, founders of SocialWin and who both have a wealth of experience in social media, had experienced this problem from a first hand perspective and started building a solution. “It all started one year ago when we had an idea; why not develop an application that measures the engagement of Facebook pages, Twitter and YouTube, and for free?” says Thomas, CEO.


SocialWin is a marketing tool in the cloud that can analyze data from social networks into a single platform in a competitive way, with strategic KPIs, and advanced functionality. The tool helps any company that has a presence in social networks to measure their results and monitor their competition.

“We’re passionate about Social Media and we love how costumers and brands can interact nowadays, creating a stronger relationship and longer commitment. We want brands to love Social Media the way we do and understand its value through strong analytics”, says Encarna Segura, COO & Co-founder. “The survival of business in the XXI century goes through its evolution into the Social Business applying new social technologies to improve performance, processes, business models and of course his relationship with the user”, she adds.

SocialWin allows companies the ability to monitor the engagement and audience on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and to compare them with up to two competitors. “We are the first engagement search tool” says Encarna. In the premium version, the platform offers more metrics such as growth, interaction, key influencers, Social media ROI, posting, best content, social alerts, ad hoc reports and the ability to compare up to ten competitors.

SocialWin’s team picks up the award for “most international’ with people hailing form the likes of Spain, Italy, Portugal, Venezuela, Poland and all from different disciplines, which provides them with a truly global and multidisciplinary view on everything they do.


In May 2013 the Barcelona startup won the 3rd Prize Campus Entrepreneurs IX SeedRocket as one of the top three technology startups in Spain. They were also finalists in Womenalia Startup Day, in February 2014, and finalists in the awards YEC (Young entrepreneurs Competition) organized by EBN Congress 2014, in June 2014.

The team recently closed a seed round last April 2014 with SeedRocket entrepreneurs, private fund business and business angels and are gearing up for a follow on round soon.

SocialWin’s vision for the future is to become an international reference as a leading analytical tool for social networks, and to contribute to this transition of enterprises to the social business. Big Data is more than a trend, it is a must for companies to fully understand user behavior. “In the future marketing customer engagement will pass from being an option to become a fundamental necessity for any social business model. Their timely measurement and improvement is what will make the difference between companies of the present and the ones in the future.” affirms Thomas.

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