Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Dribble Dots (@DribbleDots)

“Food then sex, actually sex then food, or come to think of it, how about sex and food?“ This is how Barcelona startup Dribble Dots was born. Created by CEO Jason Clevering and co-founded by U.S. twins Melissa and Michelle, aka The Twinchies, Dribble Dots is bringing fun, creativity and sexiness to their lifestyle brand with their first line of products:  six gourmet cooking oils.


The Twinchies, born and raised in the Golden State, are identical twins.  Michelle and Melissa both have gastronomic backgrounds, but only recently came together to reignite the way people mix up their daily diet.

Melissa became a restauranteur opening up a restaurant in California whereas Michelle came to Barcelona over six years ago to study culinary arts along with her husband Jason Clevering who wears many hats including Creative Director. The founding team has a wealth of experience branding for international products across a variety of sectors and has leveraged that knowledge to create their own new spin on the culinary startup scene.

“I woke up in the middle of the night and I knew I had to build Dribble Dots. Within 1 hour I had the whole package, logo, concept, and name. I wanted to bring fun, creativity, simplicity and sexiness to the art of cooking,” says Jason.

I tried some of the oils at the FestUP expo and they are pretty damn tasty. You can select from flavours such as Sexy Chili Blend, Wicked White Truffle Oil, and Seductive Sesame Oil, which can be dribbled (not drizzled) in any fashion you so desire to spice up any dish or homosapien.


“We want to inspire people to love and appreciate food, cooking, and every aspect of life with all five senses. Our products contribute to a sensual, delectable, sexually charged lifestyle,” says Michelle.

The budding startup has managed to create a lifestyle brand that is already receiving international recognition and ready to hit the shelves by storm. Currently you can find Dribble Dots in a variety of Barcelona stores such as Deli Shop and also on their online store, however expect that situation to change as they have just brought on a head of distribution and sales and are hoping to be in over 1000 international stores by September of this year.

Until now, the team have financed the whole project themselves however they are closing a financing round to enable them to grow the team and ramp things up to the next level.

Their motto: how do you dribble??? However the fººº you want!







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