Better Know A Barcelona Startup: Audiosnaps

Taking a photo has never been easier. From smartphones to Google Glass to the potential of installing a camera into your eye socket, we audiosnaps apphave been catapulted into an era where sharing what you’re living has become and integral part of our daily lives. We take and view more photos now than ever before. In fact more than 1.4 billion pictures are snapped every day of which 630 million are shared on social networks such as Insatgram, Snpachat, Flickr and the rest of the crew. I mean, photos are great and all but wouldn’t it be that much cooler if that photo of the Alaskan bear you snapped while camping in the wilderness could also make a sound?

Audiosnaps, founded by Marc Salient and Daniel Rocasalbas, has patented a technology that takes pictures with sound and embeds everything in a standard JPEG file, which can be shared on any platform. But why you ask would we need pictures with sound (apart from being fun of course)? CEO Marc explains why; “Because we want to let people capture better moments, frozen instants, not just images. We found out that recording around 5 seconds of sound at the same time that the picture is taken generates a document which is closer to the real experience and the observer gets a better idea of the atmosphere of the moment”

The functionality couldn’t be any simpler. Take a picture and record 5 seconds of sound at the same time that the picture is taken. Bim bam boom, you have your audiosnap that you can share with the world. Check out their demo here.

After its first few months online, AudioSnaps users have already listened to more than 400,000 audiosnaps and these figures are continuing to move northward. The company has also captured the interest of several smartphones and digital camera makers in order to add this technology to their products.

Recently funded by Lanta Digital Ventures, 101 Startups & Telefonica, this Barcelona startup is now poised for some serious growth. “Joining this group of investors and business angels is the perfect combination to our needs right now, not only because of the investment itself, but also because of our new partner’s experience on creating successful companies and the possibility to access their wide contact network. This financial round supports the work of all AudioSnaps’ team and confirms the interest in our technology”, says Marc Sallent, CEO and co-founder of AudioSnaps.

If you want to spice up your photos then I suggest you get audiosnapping.

Audiosnaps - images with sound



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