After 3 False Starts, Impact Hub Barcelona Has Found Its Home

Today marks a historic date in Barcelona’s social innovation timeline. Not only has Impact Hub arrived; it is finally here to stay. Coperfield for Social Good in Plaça Reial will transition into the Impact Hub Barcelona effective immediately.


To understand the colossus of this moment, we need to take a look at the current, and expanding, success of the Impact Hub global community. Beginning in London as a single hub for communication, Impact Hub has expanded to over 54 locations on six continents with more than 7,000 members. Impact Hub describes its goal as “to jointly create platforms and experiences that inspire, connect and enable individuals and institutions around the world to sustainably impact society.”

Each of these worldwide hubs has three distinct elements: a vibrant community of entrepreneurs intending to produce change, a source of inspiration through unique programs, and a physical place for connecting with others. As of today, Barcelona is one of 20 new Impact Hubs in the making. They want to tap into Barcelona’s potential and transform it into a global hotspot for social innovation. Instead of focusing on the limitations, they explore on the possibilities. Economic downturns never mean the end of innovation – rather they provide an ideal scenario in which to foster creative solutions to ongoing problems.

Impact Hub BCN - Barcinno

In joining forces with Coperfield, the global Impact HUB community has gained a tremendous new resource. Since March 2012, Coperfield for Social Good has quietly attracted the brightest social projects in Barcelona to create new business models that challenge the status quo and create new jobs.

Impact Hub will foster the innovation potential booming inside of Barcelona, and it is a force that can no longer be ignored. After three previous attempts to expand into our city, Impact Hub has finally found a team ready to help the Barcelona social entrepreneurship movement thrive.

Impact Hub is the Champions League of Social Innovation”   co-founder Eric Hauck

Fittingly, Impact Hub Barcelona will live in the same space as MBM Arquitectes, the organization behind the ‘Architects of Barcelona 1992′ urban development campaign that transformed the face of Barcelona before its last major growth spurt. Now, it’s up to the Impact Makers of Impact Hub Barcelona to be the ‘Architects of 2022’ campaign (more on that later) and leverage the new social economy to pull the country out of this crisis.

The founders of Coperfield, and now directors of Impact Hub BCN, are Eric Hauck, David Cortés, Diego Fernandez and Ricard Ruiz de Querol. Today’s decision to award the Impact Hub license to this social collective was based on decades of experience in successfully developing innovative ventures with a triple bottom line mentality. The group will now focus on meshing the methodologies and global community to grow Barcelona’s social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

About Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a global community of high-impact, social entrepreneurs with a mission to change the world through sustainable, scalable and replicable business models. They provide the space, network, tools, and guidance to help facilitate collaboration between people and social projects. It is through this collaboration that real progress can be made.

To learn more about the new Impact Hub Barcelona or get involved contact Elena.

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