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When Techcrunch write an article about your startup

When you find out Techcruch has written an article about your startup

As part of our retroactively prolific “Fudge it, it’s Friday” sessions, we have the great pleasure to announce our newest addition. I hope you are ready as this one is going to be a blast. Drum roll, da da da daaaa….

Without further ado, Barcinno presents “When You Work At A Startup” – CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE!

We’ll do our best to keep it updated with fresh, hilarious content, but we’re not comedians (well, at least no one pays us yet) so you’re going to see some things that suck. You’ll visit and be all like, “that’s not funny”. And that’s okay. The important thing is that you visit…

But seriously, we welcome any contributions from our wonderful community so please send your side-splitting suggestions to stewart@barcinno.com.

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