The Australian Fund Barwon Partners Acquires 11.8% of Dinamia

The Australian fund Barwon Investment Partners specialized in investing in alternative investments, headquartered in Sydney, has acquired 11.78% of Dinamia, the Spanish Venture Capital Fund managed by the N+1 that is quoted on the “Mercado Continuo” in Madrid.Jorge Mataix, the co-president of N+1

The investment from the Australian firm, that now controls close to 2 million shares of Dinamia, represents a cost of approximately  €15 million and allows the firm to return as shareholders as they once were 4 years ago.

The Spanish fund, specialized in the acquisition of small to medium sized firms, is currently in the process of rotating their investment portfolio, of which they have recently incorporated the audiovisual production company Secuoya and the Portuguese company Probos, while last year they successfully exited ZIV for €150 Million.

Barwon Partners are acquiring two blocks of shares of just over 3% and 7% respectively, owned by shareholders of Dinamia. On one hand, the insurer Agrupació Mutual has reduced its original position of 7.5%, and La Caixa, which has liquidated all of its shares that were previosuly inherited from the former investment portfolio Civic Banking.

Original Source: El Confidencial

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